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NWS issues major warning against outdoor holiday thaw

NWS issues major warning against outdoor holiday thaw

Next July 4th will be celebrated as a new one America’s Independence Day And amid the heat wave, the National Weather Service issued warnings for at least a dozen states with above-average temperatures.

NWS forecast for July 4th

He National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center Several US states have been warned to face unusually high temperatures between July 2 and 6, with a peak expected on July 4. The warning comes amid concerns about extreme weather, which will mainly affect the southern part of the country.

States of focus Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, North Carolina, and South Carolina. They have a 70% to 80% chance of experiencing above-average temperatures. Some parts of the center are also expected to remain California There is a 50% chance of a significant heat wave.

Office NWS In California’s Bay Area, X said on its social media site that “hope is rising for a heat wave centered around the 4th of July next week.” People planning outdoor activities are advised to “monitor the forecast for the weekend.”

This summer, the heat has already taken its toll on many parts of the country. The first heat wave of the year hit the Southwest in early June, and two weeks later, the heat moved into the Midwest and Northeast, raising the heat index in New York to 100°F (38°C).

Office NWS California’s Bay Area issued the warning as warmer, drier conditions favor the rapid development of drought. In addition to the southern states, Illinois, Ohio and Indiana in the Midwest may also face rapid drought in the coming week.

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Heat wave warnings

Currently, the heat wave is concentrated in the Plains states, with Oklahoma and Texas enduring the worst conditions according to the NWS Heat Hazard Index. The NWS HeatRisk forecast tool expects heat to move into the Midwest and South later this week.

Heat advisories are now in effect for Texas, Oklahoma, North Carolina and South Carolina. Experts from the Climate Prediction Center note that these conditions, along with recent droughts, facilitate the rapid development of extreme conditions.

In contrast to the southern part of the country, most of the north, along with Montana, Idaho, and Washington, will experience normal temperatures; Below average temperatures are also expected.

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Impact of heat wave

According to data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)An average of 702 people die from heatstroke each year in the United States. The NWS advises people to increase fluid intake, use air conditioning and wear light clothing to mitigate the effects of the heat.

He National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center It urges the people of the affected states to take precautionary measures to face high temperatures next weekend.

Meteorological officials monitor the weather situation closely, provide relevant updates and help the citizens to be adequately prepared.