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Norkis Batista’s father speaks out after medical emergency (Video)

Norkis Batista’s father speaks out after medical emergency (Video)

Venezuelan actress Norkis Batista explained that she is going through a difficult situation in her family, which is why she has remained on the sidelines and is devoting her efforts to improving her father, who was subjected to severe attacks that almost ended his life.

Norkis Batista said he sent his son Sebastian to spend a few days with his grandparents. ArubaA few days later, he received a call from the young man informing him that Mr. Luis Batista was suffering from several health complications.

“I got a call, my dad had a heart attack, a respiratory arrest, a heart attack. And in the middle of all this madness, my dad was dead for 30 minutes. It’s a miracle from God, I know that.”The model indicated.

Luckily, The Venezuelan is already recovering, In the photos that Norkis posted, he appears smiling, active and full of life, which she greatly appreciates.

For his part, Mr. Luis Batista expressed his I call for obedience to God and putting Him first in our lives, God bless you, a hug to all

Furthermore, Norkis stated that his father is a miracle from God because doctors told him that he does not suffer from brain damage after suffering a cardiorespiratory arrest and going for thirty minutes without breathing.

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