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Nokia advertises phones with a physical keyboard and no internet connection

Nokia advertises phones with a physical keyboard and no internet connection

Nokia He’s back in the news Two models updated Which were very popular years ago: 150 and 130 music. Both will go on sale again with a slightly revamped design, numeric keypad, and no internet connectivity. although yes, durability He is one of his points strongYes.

Nokia 150

This model has IP52 protection, so it is resistant to dust and drops of water. In addition, its outer face is decorated, and some of its keys are metal camera and has 2.4 inch screen 240 x 320 pixels.

However, one of its main characteristics is batterywhich, though 1450 mAhIt promises up to “20 hours of talk or 30 hours of music” with its MP3 player.

Nokia 130 music

this phoneas its name suggests, focuses on the ability to listen musicBecause it contains posterior horn and a Quick access which allows you to open the launcher MP3 Wave FM radio.

In terms of its front design, the Nokia 130 Music leaves aside the metallic tones of the 130 and gives more importance to the design. numeric keypad. Also, lost rounded edges and a 2.4-inch screen with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels.

Unlike the 150, this model does not have a camera, although it does retain the b-cam1450 mAh batteryany It can last up to a month Or, as stated in his brother’s case, offering autonomy for “up to 20 hours of conversation”.

This mobile too Passed For some certificate to to bear Made by Nokia, the company claims that the phone can take a few hits and not suffer any major damage.

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It should be noted that both phones are already in the company’s online store, although they cannot be purchased, as according to webit’s “out of stock”.