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New model of PlayStation 5 Digital has been filtered

New model of PlayStation 5 Digital has been filtered

Less than a year after its launch, it appears that the PlayStation 5 will receive a new model at the end of July that will include some changes to the internals.

Specifically, it’s a review of the PlayStation 5 In its digital version, which appeared for sale in Various Japanese stores. This is identified by the number CFI-1100B (the current number is CFI-1000B) and one of the most striking details is the weight, since this model is 300g lighter than the original. The 2020 digital PS5 weighs 3.9 kg, while the new design is 3.6 kg.

From the outside, the console looks exactly like the original, so the changes should be internal parts. The only external change to highlight is the change in the screw with which the base is adjusted to position the console in a vertical or horizontal position.

Little change model for the PS5 main console, shipping will start from the end of July.

First of all, from the digital version (CFI-1100B01).
No change in performance or specifications.https://t.co/5bKUtoY4eJ pic.twitter.com/hSAIC4IBLI

– Rinka (@Renka_schedule) July 19, 2021

Apart from the above, there are no further details about the console and everything indicates that it will be a review as many as those that occur throughout the lifecycle of one of these devices. It should be noted that in previous generations of PlayStation, many models were released (they can be identified by their serial number) and most of the changes were in the internal parts.

Alternatively, there are other reviews (commonly called Slim) that change the look of the consoles and may also be in the future of PlayStation 5. However, these redesigns always appear after a few years since the platform went on sale.

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Hopefully this new digital PS5 will come with a boost in Inventory from the platform. PS5 is generally always unavailable worldwide, and especially the model without optical drive has been the rarest of all.

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