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“No one knows how much time they have left.”

“No one knows how much time they have left.”

Last February, a family Bruce Willis He declared that he was suffering Frontotemporal dementia. News that caused uncertainty among thousands of his fans due to the possible deterioration of the actor’s health.

In recent months, the beloved translator’s health condition has deteriorated rapidly, to the point that every report shared by the family is a blow to his followers.

Us Weekly contacted a supposed friend of Bruce’s and confirmed that he “has good days and bad days, but… In the past two months, there have been far more bad days than good“.

Bruce Willis turns 68 after being diagnosed with frontotemporalgia

“This experience has brought the whole family together even more. No one knows how much time Bruce has left.So they absorb every moment they spend with him. The focus is on being close to the people he loves and being reminded of happy holidays in the past.

“He still appreciates the Christmas season and loves having his entire family under one roof to listen to music, eat food, and watch old home movies,” the source added.

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Bruce Willis’ wife says: ‘Options are slim’

There are many nicknames by which he is remembered. Bruce WillisSuch as “Armageddon”, “The Sixth Sense” and others. However, there were fewer films in which he appeared, as his illness affected the actor in recent years, leading to various situations such as shorter scripts before filming.

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last may, His wife, Emma Hemmingshared different stories on his Instagram profile where he narrated how the 68-year-old actor feels, that the disease is getting worse, and at this time it is very difficult to have a normal conversation with the translator.

Emma Hemming admitted that the actor’s disease is progressing more and more, and the situation is becoming more complicated in an instant because dementia has no cure: “When you live in a world with dementia, you know your options are slim.”.

Bruce Willis and his wife Emma


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Bruce Willis was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia

After spending the 2022 holiday season with family, Demi Moore He was surprised by an announcement on his official Instagram account. Actress, 60 years old, Revealing Bruce Willis’ health conditionher ex-husband.

“Our family wanted to begin by expressing our deepest gratitude for the incredible outpouring of love, support, and amazing stories we have all received since sharing Bruce’s original diagnosis,” Demi began.

“In that spirit, we wanted to provide you with an update on our beloved husband, father and friend, as we now have a deeper understanding of what he is experiencing,” she said.

“Since we announced Bruce’s aphasia diagnosis in the spring of 2022, Bruce’s condition has progressed and we now have a more definitive diagnosis: Frontotemporal dementia The actress said.

However, “unfortunately, the communication challenges are just a symptom of the illness Bruce is facing. Although this is painful, it is a relief to finally have a clear diagnosis,” said the beloved actor’s ex-wife.

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