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Disney Plus and Star Plus will merge in 2024;  What changes will it bring?

Disney Plus and Star Plus will merge in 2024; What changes will it bring?

Walt Disney Companyowner of streaming platforms Star Plus and Disney Plus, It was announced last Tuesday, December 12 that The contents of both services will be combined into one from 2024. This is to provide subscribers with a complete experience in one app.

Currently in the country, Both services are offered to users at different prices and packagesSince both platforms have content for a specific audience, While one of them shows movies from DisneyThe other contains Fox programs, as well as the entire ESPN sports network.

Although users were initially surprised by the news of their separation, the current news may benefit users. Well, they won’t have to pay for two platforms to watch their favorite shows.

Why does Star Plus disappear?

This procedure originates in the United States thanks to To integrate Disney Plus with Hulu at the beginning of December, Starting with a pilot phase, with plans to complete this transformation in March 2024. The strategy will therefore extend to Latin America.

“This integration will enable unparalleled power for our content Available in one app, providing an enhanced, superior experience and simplified access to subscribers, Who we always focus on,” he commented in a press release Diego Lerner, President of The Walt Disney Company in Latin America.

When will Disney and Star Plus merge in Latin America?

The Star Plus show will be integrated into Disney Plus In the second quarter of 2024. We still have to wait for the company’s official announcement to inform subscribers about the new prices, as well as what will happen to the design and interface of its platform.

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