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Night buses were stoned in Havana, but no casualties were reported

Night buses were stoned in Havana, but no casualties were reported

Havana Transport Company authorities confirmed that this week, in the early hours of the morning, a P16 bus was pelted with stones by several people in the central Havana area. Although there was material damage, no injuries were reported.

according to Issuance Official, expanded by Tribuna de La Habana, at 00:30 “Unscrupulous and unknown persons stoned bus number 8858, which covered the intersection of the P16 road at San Lazaro and Marques Gonzalez streets, in the municipality of Centro Habana.”

They added that the car's windows were broken, but it was not traveling with passengers on board, and therefore there were no injured people.

It is being reported on Facebook and Twitter that a quarrel occurred on board a bus belonging to the regional transport company in Havana, with a number of injured people. This news is fake! They said the event happened in another way.

The Transport Authority continued, “Such facts are reprehensible and conspire against improving the quality of life of our people and our services, so we strongly condemn them.”

Transportation in Havana

For those who rely on public transportation in Havana, getting from one place to another can be a nightmare amid the current crisis. Therefore, to facilitate access to updated information about routes and timetables, a mobile application (app) was created this year.

This is Urbanos, an application that provides data about the operation of public transport. Urbanos is the result of joint work between the GeoMIX agency of the GEOCUBA Business Group, a company linked to the Revolutionary Armed Forces, and the Cuban capital's transportation department.

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Urbanos can now be downloaded from the Apklis website, the Cuban App Repository or from its Telegram channel. At the moment, it is only available for Havana, but it is expected to be extended to other provinces later.