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The city in South America was chosen as the best destination to celebrate the New Year 2024 |  Latin America |  Lima |  Peru |  Brazil |  Rio de Janeiro |  Cusco |  Copacabana |  |  world

The city in South America was chosen as the best destination to celebrate the New Year 2024 | Latin America | Lima | Peru | Brazil | Rio de Janeiro | Cusco | Copacabana | | world

This city hosts the most famous New Year's party in South America. Photography: Written by Jazmin Serras/La Repubblica/Andina/El País – Video: La Vanguardia

Countdown Say goodbye to 2023 And welcome the New Year 2024. Many people plan a trip for more than just eating dinner at home. So, BonusFinder Revealing the rankings of the cities in South America with the best entertainment options for celebrating the end of the year.

Of shows in the main squares and private parties In the best hotels for deals on the beaches, Each country in South America is unique in what it offers on these dates that everyone celebrates. Moreover, it should be noted that these countries They welcome 2024 in the middle of summer.

Everything is preparing to celebrate the New Year 2024. Photo: Infotur Latam

The best city in South America to celebrate the New Year 2024

It's about Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. This city tops the BonusFinder rankings, as it has a variety of suggestions for things to do with friends or family when the New Year arrives.

This city offers the greatest possible amenities to visitors dressed in white to welcome the New Year 2024.

Rio de Janeiro has The most famous New Year's party held on Copacabana Beach, one of the most famous in the country and in the region. It should also be noted that Brazil has the best beach in the world. In Copacabana, millions of people will gather to watch the largest fireworks in the world.

New Year's Eve party includes music, dancing and lots of fun. In addition, by 2024, it will be 12 minutes of fireworks in Copacabana and its stages in 12 venues in the city.

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The fireworks show can be enjoyed from the sea or offshore, depending on how you enjoy the show.

What are the 10 best cities in South America to spend the New Year 2024?

  • Rio de Janeiro: He will give the best party on Copacabana Beach.
  • Buenos Aires: Plaza de Mayo is the perfect place to celebrate the New Year. Likewise, a fireworks display will be held in Puerto Madero.
  • Valparaiso: There will be a music show with fireworks for three days in Plaza Sotomayor, according to Mayor Jorge Sharp.
  • Gear: The most important ceremony will be held on the Miraflores promenade, where the sky will be lit up with fireworks. In addition, the cathedral in Plaza de Armas will be illuminated.
  • Montevideo: A big party will be held on the Rambla.

Rio de Janeiro hosts the most famous New Year's party, which is held on Copacabana Beach. Image: T13

  • Cartagena: A large party will be held in the customs square, on the beaches and in the main hotels.
  • Cusco: Plaza de Armas will be the point of celebration. People will be able to gather there, and make 12 circles around the place and counterclockwise, like Kabbalah to attract good luck.
  • Bogotá: The concert will be in Plaza de Bolivar, where concerts and private parties will be held in clubs.
  • Salvador de Bahia: Pelourinho will be the meeting point. This year there will be a free concert by famous singer Carlinhos Brown. Likewise, there is the Ferrada Festival, a festival with over 70 hours of live music celebrated in the La Cerda lift area.
  • Keto: In this city, Ecuadorians maintain the tradition of burning paper dolls to get rid of all the bad things that could affect the coming year. In addition, other events, such as the La Mariscal Old Years Festival, are held in the city centre.
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Which country in South America will welcome the New Year 2024 first?

Just like at Christmas, Which South American countries will welcome the New Year first? We are Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile. If we focus on the whole world, the countries that celebrate the New Year 2024 in advance are Samoa and Kiribati. These two groups of islands are closest to the western side of the line, surpassing New Zealand and other Pacific islands, such as the Marshall Islands, which lie to the west.

to me Last on the list; That is, the places where they will welcome the new year at the end of it are Baker and Howland Islandsbelonging to the United States.

The countries that celebrate New Year 2024 first are Samoa and Kiribati. Photo: Tennessee

How was the New Year 2023 celebrated in Brazil?

Rio de Janeiro remains the favorite place for tourists to celebrate the New Year. It happened in 2023 and history will repeat itself in 2024. Copacabana beach It is the center of celebration. In 2023, millions of people gathered to watch a 12-minute fireworks display.

In which country was the tradition of burning effigies born in South America?

The traditional South American effigy burning was born in Ecuador at the beginning of the 19th century. According to the historian Maria Belen CalvaciThis custom is part of the celebration The new year And it started happening in cities like Guayaquil and Quito.