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Nicaraguan opposition condemns Ordega regime arrest of former foreign minister Francisco Aguirre

Nicaraguan opposition condemns Ordega regime arrest of former foreign minister Francisco Aguirre

Nicaraguan Former Foreign Minister Francisco Aguirre Sagasa

The opposition Blue and White National Alliance (TNA) on Thursday condemned the arrest of former Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Francisco Aguirre., Four months before the election, amid a wave of arrests against disgruntled leaders, leaders and professionals, the country’s dictator Santinista Daniel Ortega is seeking another re – election.

“We condemn the unjust detention of former Foreign Minister Francisco Aguirre by police over the use of unconstitutional law 1055. There are no political prisoners in Nicaragua and he has been released and more than 140 abducted.”, Pointed out national unity through its social networks.

A few hours after the complaint, the public ministry confirmed his arrest and said he would remain in custody for at least 90 days while being questioned on treason charges.

In addition, The prosecutor’s office explained that it had today called for a special inquiry into constitutional guarantees to seek an extension of the trial and judicial remand against the former foreign minister., Which was admitted by a judge, who remanded him in custody for 90 days.

According to the Ministry of Public Works, Aguirre is being investigated by the Sagasa National Police for “having signs that he is attacking Nicaraguan society and the rights of the people,” and that he “committed acts that undermine freedom, sovereignty and self-determination” in Nicaragua.

“He has publicly incited foreign intervention in domestic affairs in various forums and has laid siege against the country and its institutions.”He continued.

Similarly, “it celebrates the imposition of sanctions on the state of Nicaragua and its citizens,” he added.

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The National Police, which launched an investigation into the former foreign minister last Tuesday on “treason against the motherland,” continues to confirm his arrest, but Aguirre’s relatives confirmed the arrest.

Dictator of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega
Dictator of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega

The police, which did not specify the crime of the Aguirre saga, based on its investigation citing legislation to protect people’s rights to freedom, sovereignty and the right to peace, which was urgently approved by the National Assembly, the majority Sandinista, last December.

This controversial law, promoted by the executive, lists them as “traitors to the homeland” and disqualifies them from running for public office.

The exclamation was self-audited

Aguirre Sagasa, Nicaraguan ambassador to the United States during the Arnoldo Alleman administration (1997-2002), has refrained from making public statements about the Nicaraguan situation since police were involved in the theft of two bronze bells.

A former Nicaraguan foreign minister who is a World Bank official has an open case of allegedly stealing two old bronze bells from a church in the colonial city of Granada (Pacific), which he allegedly bought from suspects.

Former Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Francisco Aguirre Sagasa (1997-2002),
Former Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Francisco Aguirre Sagasa (1997-2002),

On that occasion, Aguirre Sagasa was shown handcuffed in front of the official media, however, now the police did not produce him, as happened to the rest, and their relatives considered them “missing”.

As part of the election campaign, Nicaraguan authorities have arrested opposition presidential candidates Cristiano Zamoro, Arturo Cruz, Felix Maradia, Juan Sebastian Zamoro, Miguel Mora, Mardo Myrena and Noel Vitorre.

Also, two former aides, two historically disgruntled Sandinista ex-guerrillas, a business leader, a banker, a former First Lady, six opposition leaders, two student leaders, two peasant leaders, a political scientist and political and electoral organizations, a journalist, A commentator, two former volunteers and a driver for Christiana Zamoro.

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In the November elections, Ortega will play 42 years of prominence in Nicaraguan politics.

If he wins a third re-election, Ortega will guarantee 20 consecutive years of government and 31 years, including 11 of the first revolutionary phase (1979-1990).

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