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Nicaragua announces its "unfulfilled decision" to leave OAS

Nicaragua announces its “unfulfilled decision” to leave OAS

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Foreign Minister Denis Moncota has announced that he will separate Nicaragua from the OAS.

Nicaragua announced this Friday that it had “severed ties” with the Organization of the United Nations (OAS), accusing it of acting contrary to its policies.

Nicaragua Foreign Minister, Denise MoncotaHe said his country was taking an “unshakable decision” to implement Article 143 of the OAS Charter.

The process is called the “condemnation” of the charter and takes For two yearsSo is the country Ask for it The link will be deletedOf the organism Definitely.

Government decision Daniel Ortega Two weeks after the controversial presidential election in Nicaragua, the president was re-elected with 75% of the vote, with most opposition parties imprisoned or deported.