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IACHR and UN get Guatemalan judges in the US and are concerned about judicial independence - Prinza Libre

IACHR and UN get Guatemalan judges in the US and are concerned about judicial independence – Prinza Libre

Four members of the Guatemalan Association of Judges (AGJI) met with representatives of the US Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) and the United Nations (UN) this Friday, November 19th. Towards judicial independence, a statement said.

They are Justices Carlos Giovanni Ruano Pineda, Jorge Haroldo Vásquez Flores, Erika Lorena Aifán Dávila and Miguel Angel Gálvez, some of whom are responsible for cases that have had a major impact on Guatemala, mainly corruption cases.

The judges “held meetings with staff of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights in Washington DC and New York City,” the report said.

During the talks, IACHR members “expressed their concern about the situation being described to them and their support for judicial independence in Guatemala.” At the same time, they “confirmed the need to reconsider compliance with the precautionary and precautionary measures ordered in favor of independent judges and expressed their willingness to travel to Guatemala to verify compliance with human rights obligations.”

Meanwhile, the UN The delegates expressed their concern over the systematic attacks on judges and reaffirmed their desire to “continue to monitor the situation in Guatemala within different UN mandates.”

During the tour, the judges met with members of the New York City Bar Association and members of the Latin Judges Association and the Vance Center for International Justice, who expressed support for the AGJI. In Guatemala and Central America ”.

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“Through these visits, the Guatemalan Association of Judges for Integrity reaffirms the firm belief that the administration of justice, the independence of the judiciary and the respect for the rights of judges and judges must continue to work within a democratic framework without any pressure.”

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