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New York City has been renamed but the new logo is already failing

New York City has been renamed but the new logo is already failing

The old logo and the new

I’m one of the minority who recoils from “I ♥︎ NY”. Milton Glaser He made a crayon drawing on a piece of paper in the back of a taxi in 1975. Don’t get me wrong: I agree that it’s a striking piece of graphic design, and I respect it as an icon of an indefatigable city. After all, Glazer donated the logo to 1970s decadent New York and edited it. September 11 “I ♥︎ more than ever” as he handed out signs with broken hearts.

But despite all this, despite my true love for New York, I never really liked the font Slab Serif American typewriter, center stacked text, N/Y kerning or squat and (in my opinion) bad hearted wrong way. Even the “trademark” ending point bothers me. I like the description more “Love” by Robert Indiana In 1967, Glaser openly referred to this as inspiration.

In this case, what to do with the announcement made recently by the Governor Kathy Hochul, Mayor Eric Adams and the Association for New York City rebranded as “I ♥︎ NY”. “We ♥︎ NYC” And Graham Clifford redesigned it for “a modern twist”?

According to Hochul, “We ♥︎ NYC” is “a civic campaign to showcase the city’s strengths and mobilize New Yorkers in every community to help ensure New York remains the greatest city in the world and promote a post-pandemic New York City. .

This, in theory, is not objectionable. However, boy Sans serif The new design (which references the subway) and the 3D heart (emoji style) will never mobilize New Yorkers for anything but loathing. Indeed, one wonders if part of the city plan was a public relations push. Any new New York logo tends to ruffle feathers, but Glaser’s upgrade to his masterpiece has all the subtleties of the 2012 restoration of the “monkey-Jesus” at the Sanctuary of Mercy in Borja, Spain.

The iconic “I Love NY” logo by Milton Glaser at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) during the 2020 exhibition (REUTERS / Mike Segar)

“We ♥︎ NYC” bait or not, the internet rose like a sand dune. At best, the designer community on Twitter can be a haven of quirky fun, at worst it’s a nest of sarcastic vipers (to which, unfortunately, this author is not immune). So, with complete predictability, the heat was swift and fierce “How much did this cruelty cost?” From @lisatozzi; “I don’t want this in Jersey :/” by @PhotoEditorJoe. Justin Brannan, a New York City Councilman representing Brooklyn, compared the design to the unfortunate holiday decorations of the 2018 Holland Tunnel:

Christmas decorations on the Holland Tunnel in New Jersey in 2018 (REUTERS / Shannon Stapleton)

However, in addition to the logo’s controversial appearance, Equally curious is its textual transition from individual to collective. “I ♥︎ NY” is a personal statement that fits the New York mentality, proud and defiant in equal measure. The tagline was not coined by Glaser, but by the Wells Rich Green advertising agency, and epitomized the deceptive simplicity of Golden Age copywriting.

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Instead, “We ♥︎ NYC” feels like it was written by a team: simultaneously cautious (confidence in numbers), boastful (Who are we”?) and comfortable (Compulsory Enrollment). According to Hochul: “It is not just a slogan, not a symbol. It’s a spirit.” They didn’t match any old slogan or logo, but the classics of the genre. Glaser’s work drew not only on his intellect and craft, but, as he said, on his experience. Creative Review: “I suspect the original images were derived from my memories carved into tree trunks. The lovers’ initials would be attached to a heart and pierced by an arrow to signify deep affection.”

Since “We ♥︎ NYC” has no such foundation, it is simply an echo.

Defining a city’s brand is no mean feat, let alone one as complex as the Big Apple. One only has to look around the world to see the ups and downs of other metropolitan landmarks, some of which reflect local characteristics, are beloved, or bear the words “I ♥︎ NY.”

You don’t have to like a logo to recognize its quality or impact. Glasser design is strong in New York, Strong enough to ignore half a century of fakes and scams. Doubtful if the same applies to this last boy. In fact, 50 years later, “I ♥︎ NY” is still being quoted and displayed, even after “We ♥︎ NYC” received a big hit from the Bronx.

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Milton Glaser, the great master of graphic design and creator of the legendary “I Love NY,” has passed away.