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A lake that disappeared 80 years ago due to heavy rains has re-emerged in California.

The lake has been dry for the past 80 years About to reappear in California Due to heavy rainfall in the state, rivers have reached their maximum capacity. Officials devised a plan to fill the void Lake Tulare with the waters of the Kings River.

Even in spring, it never rains in California. Meteorologists have predicted more rain and snowfall in the mountains. Rising waters have hit the Kings River hard, where record breaking is possible. Against this backdrop, members of the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) from the Sacramento District “Rare Flood Release on Old Tulare Lake Bed”.

This is a statementOfficials said the water evacuation will start from Tuesday morning. Due to this, there will be an inflow of 1500 cubic feet per second on Thursday afternoon. The novel feat of relieving King’s River would continue until “sometime in the (boreal) summer” because “the flows of the river They increase and continue to increase.”, said Steve Hagen, director of the Kings River Water Association (KRWA, its acronym in English).

Spring is here in California and the storms keep comingUnsplash

The river has accumulated a lot of water since last January. When heavy storms appeared in the stateAfter the Christmas break. Much of this rain fed Atmospheric rivers of tropical origin, with the effects of very cold low pressure systems From the Gulf of Alaska.

Although the fluid was drained, officials explained There may be floods in your surroundingsSo people should all be cautious, especially if they are traveling in the vicinity.

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In 1806, the lake was considered “The largest body of fresh water west of the Mississippi River”Explained by Sarah Mooney Museum. The Spaniards who lived in the place at the time gave it its name Largest native groves of Thule That was surrounded by water.

In wet years, It reached an extension of more than 1,100 square kilometers in the central valley. If the towns of Corcoran and Stratford had existed then, they would have been submerged under 7 meters of water, and their coastline would now reach the outskirts of Lemoore.

Tulare Lake was once considered “the largest body of fresh water west of the Mississippi River.”Unsplash

Despite its high flow rate, Lake Tulare eventually dried up as its water was diverted by irrigation districts beginning in the 1860s.. The construction of dams, dams and canals that restrict the flow of the Reyes River also contributed to its dryness, ABC 30 recalled.

According to geologic records, the region is known as the “Tulare Lake Region”. Formed millions of years agoWhen different geologic events created a large basin between the Sierras to the east and the Coast Ranges to the west.