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New lawsuit against DeSantis’ “election police” and other “intimidation tactics” to vote in Florida

New lawsuit against DeSantis’ “election police” and other “intimidation tactics” to vote in Florida

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is facing a new lawsuit in federal court by a voting rights organization. The government used “electoral police” and other intimidation tactics against citizens with criminal records.

The suit also indicts members of his administration and dozens of Florida election officials Failure to meet the requirements of Amendment 4 of 2018 To the state constitution restoring the right to vote to certain felons convicted in the state.

“This initiative is compounded by barriers created before registration Simple voting is a complex and risky process “In the eyes of those who have restored their 4th Amendment rights and others affected by the defendants’ conduct,” the lawsuit states.

Florida’s “election police” unit was created in 2022 to investigate illegal voting and other election crimes, the document notes. Amendment 4 focuses on discriminatory prosecution of victims.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Miami, argues that the lack of a reliable database allows it. Believers determine their own eligibility Voting is unconstitutional.

Driver’s licenses issued to undocumented immigrants in these states are no longer valid in Florida

After the ballot initiative passed, Florida lawmakers passed a bill clarifying it Offenders must pay court-ordered financial obligations such as fines and restitution, before the restoration of voting rights. Advocates said the need to verify outstanding legal financial obligations has complicated the process for those who qualify.

The Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, a group that advocated for passage of Amendment 4, Four people filed a case together According to the lawsuit, the DeSantis were adversely affected by the administration’s actions.

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The group called the bureaucratic process required to regain voting rights “an embarrassment.”

One of the four additional plaintiffs, Roshanda Bryant-Jones, had abstained from voting in 2022 after she said she saw several felons who voted in the 2020 election arrested by the election police unit, believing they were following the law.

Bryant-Jones was eligible to vote again in 2020 and voted in that election, but said she was intimidated by the DeSantis administration’s actions.