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Amazon brings Palm Bay to all Whole Foods

Amazon brings Palm Bay to all Whole Foods

  • Amazon will implement Palm Payments technology in all Whole Foods stores in the US by the end of 2023.
  • Amazon One already has more than 200 stores and will expand to 500.
  • With over 3 million registered customers, it streamlines the shopping experience and payment process.

Amazon has taken a big step into the world of payment systems by announcing on Thursday, July 20, its new plan to implement payment technology in all Whole Foods stores in the US by the end of 2023.

Using biometric technology called Amazon One, Whole Foods customers can enter and pay for their purchases by placing their palm on a scanning device at the checkout.

palm of the consumer, Earlier, it was linked to credit card.

The company introduced the technology in its Co cashierless stores before the pandemic, and later began incorporating it into Whole Foods supermarkets.

Currently, Amazon One is available in more than 200 Whole Foods stores The company plans to expand to all 500 locations across the US in the next six months.

Whole Foods: Pay 100% in the palm of your hand

Demand for the technology has surprised everyone: There are 3 million registered Amazon One customers.

It’s not just Go stores, as Amazon has expanded its reach through deals with other companies such as points of sale located at airports, entrances to sports arenas and concert halls.

too Panera BreadThe chain of cafes and bakeries has begun testing Amazon One in some of its stores. CNBC.

Another example: on the baseball field Coors FieldIn Denver, fans can use this technology to purchase beer.

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Implementing payment technology in the palm of your hand is Amazon’s strategy to improve the customer experience and streamline the purchasing process across its companies.

By linking the palm with the credit card, Users can make quick payments by simply waving their hand over the scanner.

Amazon’s commitment to technology in the physical procurement space has extended to other companies through its cloud division, Amazon Web Services.

The company has also sought to establish agreements with various companies and sectors to extend the use of its payment and palm scanning solutions.

History of Amazon Go and Amazon One

Amazon Go launched its first test store in Seattle in January 2018.

The promise is simple: a shopping experience without cashiers or waiting lines.

Customers only need the Amazon Go app to sign in on their mobile phone.

The technology is based on cameras, sensors and machine learning. The “Just Walk Out” system records the items customers pick up from the shelves and automatically adds them to their virtual cart.

Once customers leave the store, they pay through their Amazon account by linking their palm register to their credit card.

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