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New law for foreign medical workers to get ‘green card’ in Florida |  Ron DeSantis |  USA |  Permanent Residence |  rppusa

New law for foreign medical workers to get ‘green card’ in Florida | Ron DeSantis | USA | Permanent Residence | rppusa

This program will allow doctors to obtain their license in a timely manner, which will provide certain benefits.

Enrollment Florida want Interstate Medical Licensing Agreement (IMLC, its abbreviation in English) brings some interesting surprises. Within its framework, it ensures that doctors and workers associated with the health sector can get more opportunities. green card For employment issues with registration time and great benefits.

New regulations known as Act SB7016 and signed by the Governor Ron DeSantis, Start working from On the 1st of July. This will allow the foreign title to be revalued Florida Without needing to have a new residence in that state. Undoubtedly, this significantly delayed the process. For that reason, the IMLC He mentioned that the license for doctors will be obtained soon.

Requirements for accessing this IMLC programme

The most important requirement is to have graduated from an accredited medical school or a listed school directory International Medical Education. It is important to note up to this step that it helps a lot to have practiced medicine actively in any country in the four years prior to applying for a medical license.

Also, it is important that you complete an AOA or ACGME accredited graduate medical education. Then, it is important to pass a certification exam and obtain a current specialty certificate. In addition, take into account some additional criteria, which are:

  • Have completed the main residence at SPL.
  • 25% in clinical practice in SPL.
  • To be employed by the SPL Company.
  • Use SPL as your state of residence.

It is clear that holding a legal license provides many opportunities for the public to study. green card. So, if you meet all of the above requirements, you can apply to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (Uzisits summary in English).

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