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NASA discovers malfunction of the persistent rover on Mars due to debris: PHOTOS

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a The accumulation of debris has complicated the storage process of sample tubes that Pick up the chariot of perseverance on Mars. NASA is studying how to clean it up.

The sixth sample tube was successfully filled with material from Jezero Crater on December 29. However, while the tube is transported to the tank inside the rover where it is processed, Sensors indicated a malfunction– Higher than normal resistance so that the rover’s robotic arm places the tube for sealing and storage.

The mission team on the ground sent a command to remove the drill bit and a tube filled with sample from the tank and separate the robotic arm from the tank.

Pieces of debris interfere with the task

During these activities, a series of images were obtained confirming the presence of some pieces of aggregate in the size of a pebble. The team is confident that these were rock fragments that were ejected from the sample tube when the drill bit was unloaded and prevented from completely sitting in the tank.

The designers of the warehouse considered the ability to continue to work successfully with the wreck.

“However, this is the first time we are removing debris and we want to take the time necessary to make sure that these gravels come out in an orderly and orderly manner,” the mission blog states.


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