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My project aims to provide a better life for Venezuelans.

My project aims to provide a better life for Venezuelans.

Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia | Photo: Confeslacomando

“I see myself taking the first steps towards the reconstruction of Venezuela on July 29,” Edmundo announced. “I am confident that my many years of experience will be the foundation for the position I will occupy.”

Presidential candidate of the Democratic Unitarian Platform (PUD), Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia, He conducted an interview on Friday, July 5, with journalist Vladimir Velija, where they spoke about: Military topic Regarding Venezuela’s Independence Day, he encouraged “the armed forces to continue to adhere to Article 328 of the Constitution, which is non-political and does not belong to any political party, and to fight for a Venezuela for all and without exclusion.”


He stressed that “the Republican plan must operate within the framework of the Constitution and the law, and respect the results of July 28,” referring to the upcoming elections in Venezuela.

González received Urrutia Villegas at his residence, explaining: “I don’t have leadership of the campaign, but this is my home.”

about him The beginning of the election campaign With the caravan featuring many events in Caracas, the former ambassador expressed that “the focus to start the campaign on Friday was very exciting, lively and full of joy.”

When asked how he was nomination“I have never run for any popularly elected office,” the UN official explained. “The closest I came was when I was elected as a class representative.”

“With this training in politics, I’m already used to it and I feel comfortable,” he added of his new role in Venezuelan politics.

the Edmundo’s suggestion During her rule, she is based on “justice and hope to lead Venezuelans to a better life.”

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“The Constitution is the beacon that will guide the actions of our government in all areas,” the diplomat explained. “Decentralization has been an important advance and we must continue to work with mayors and governors, even though many of them are not followers of our proposal.”

My government will be for everyone and we will work with the best. We will be a government of national unity to improve the quality of life of Venezuelans.

To achieve this goal, his administration’s priority will be salaries and pensioners. Regarding the challenges that await him as president, Edmundo knows that “we will find a country with many weaknesses that we will have to face.”

The candidate asserts that his government will be a government of tolerance, breadth and national unity, “where no one can feel oppressed,” because “there can be no democracy without freedom of expression and political parties.” Freedom of expression will be respected in my government.

When asked about Dialogue between Chavism and the United StatesEdmundo hopes to “normalize relations, because we must have a US representative in Caracas and vice versa.”

He added in this regard: “What is illogical is that we have gone for more than 10 years without relations with the United States.”

For Edmundo, ” Foreign Policy The state as a state policy.

He took the opportunity to point out that during his government “our policy will be open to all countries, on the basis of respect.” Because “I have never participated in party politics, and I have never registered for any political party.”

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Gonzalez Urrutia considers it Chavism has failed.Therefore, although Chavez expressed his interest and social advocacy, “it has deviated and today it is being poorly managed, leading to failure.”

Presidential candidate admits Maria Corina Machado’s leadershipOpposition primary winner, “She is a leader, the leader of this process, she is an inspiring woman, she evokes emotions and I have very close and flexible relationships with her. “We are determined to win and to bring things together.”

“So far, I have had encounters with Maria Corina, and we are very clear about the goal, which is to win the elections on July 28,” he said.

Vladimir to the letter with Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia, presidential candidate.