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My biggest fear was after facing the dictatorship

My biggest fear was after facing the dictatorship

the eldest daughter Alexandre DelgadoCookie arrived in Miami on Saturday to meet his father, grandmother and little brother Alex Jr.

The director of Gente de Zona shared an emotional video on social networks showing Kuki arriving at Miami International Airport and then at home, where a surprise welcome party awaits her.

Alexander admitted that his greatest fear after “reporting and exposure” [a] I direct my voice to the dictatorship “was” my daughter who lives in Cuba and Fear of being attacked As they did and continue to do with a lot of people in Cuba.”

Alexander did not specify whether his daughter would stay with him in Miami or whether it was fair Visit trip as I have done on other occasions, but he expressed special thanks to the administration of the office of the Cuban-American senator Marco RubioTo Bernie Navarro, Evan Herrera, Lewisson and Carlocho.
“I have no words to show you how grateful and happy I am! Thank you, thank you, thank God. I hope one day in my homeland that no one fears for their family or their life just to think differently, I wish and noted that one day it will be #PatriayVida.”

Relatives and partner of her father received model Millie Aleman, mother of Alexander Jr., with whom Cookie has a very good relationship with the young woman.

The house is decorated with a huge arrangement of multi-colored balloons, a rainbow with “WELCOME HOME” and his name written on it.

In addition to traveling to Miami to visit his father, Cookie was also part of family vacations outside the United States in both Europe and in Punta Cana.

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Alexander and Cookie, 19, have a very special, loving and close relationship, not being able to see her was the singer’s biggest concern yet. Changing his attitude toward the Cuban government.

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