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Motagua admires, but is tied 0-0 in the first leg of the Round of 16 against the Seattle Sounders at the Olympics.

Motagua admires, but is tied 0-0 in the first leg of the Round of 16 against the Seattle Sounders at the Olympics.


Motagua and Seattle Sounders HThey faced 0-0 in the first leg of the round of 16 CONCACAF Champions League Which was played on Thursday night in San Pedro Sula Olympic Stadium.

Honduran group directed by Diego Vazquez, He had a prominent position throughout the match, however, despite his constant access, he was not lucky to break the defensive lock for the team Major League Soccer (MLS).

In the first 45 minutes, the Eagles had clear chances to score. Especially Marcelo Pereira’s foul (12 min) under the Seattle Sounders goal, but the fact that his shot hit the crossbar prevented him from celebrating the first goal of the game.

The Americans also tried their ways, but found a real defensive wall between the dEnel Maldonado and Wesley Decas Be meticulous in covering it.

Among the load zone, it is worth highlighting the actions of the event Jonathan Nunezwhich has shown outstanding performance in the promotion and distribution of the games brand.

Motagua will have to visit Seattle next Thursday, February 24 at 9:45 p.m. With a draw (by goals) or with a win of any sign, they go to the next round.

Check out the minute by minute between Motagua vs Seattle Sounders FC!

The second half is over: Motagua tied 0-0 against the Seattle Sounders in the first leg of the CONCACAF Champions League round of 16, which was held on Thursday at the Metropolitan Olympic Stadium.

90′ extra 4 minutes added!

89 Change in Seattle Sounders! Jackson Raggan replaces Jordan Morris.

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88′: Jesse Moncada (Motagua) was fouled on the left wing.

82: Change in Seattle Sounders! Kelyn Rower exit; Enter Freddy Montero.

77: Changes in Motagua! They leave, Franco Oligo and Diego Oske; Enter Carlos Mejia and Ivan Lopez.

76: Yellow in Seattle Sounders! Kelyn Rower was booked for violent play.

69 & # 39; Motagua saved! Jordan Morris (Seattle Sounders) fired a powerful shot. Defender Wesley Decas intervened and veered.

65:Change in Motagua! Exit Lucas Baldunciel; Enter Jesse Moncada.

64 ‘ Punishment? Mutagua claimed a foul against Oligo within the region.

63′ Change in Seattle Sounders! YesAli Nicolas Lodeiro Enter Nohu Tolo

58′: Motagua’s change! Roberto Moreira leaves. Enter Angel Tejeda.

57 ‘ yellow! Lucas Baldunciel (Motagua) has been warned for violent play.

54′: Jonathan Nunez (Motagua) is clearly visible in the midfield.

53′ Excellent penetration for Motagua. Diego Azke hit inside the area and the Seattle defense blocked the corner kick.

50′ Roberto Moreira shot in the close corner of Stefan Fry’s goal!

49′ excellent bearing. Denel Maldonado with greater control in the Motagua defensive zone.

four five’ Start the second half! Seattle Sounders moves the ball in the Olympic. Motagua Press.

four five“Finish the first timeOr: Motagua 0-0 Seattle Sounders.

42′ Just in time! Wesley Decas (Motagua) avoided Seattle’s first goal in the defense zone.

39′ Wesley Decas (Motagua) clears a defensive area after a free kick from Seattle.

38′ Marlon Lekouna (Motagua goalkeeper) enters.

36 & # 39; Off! Long queue from Diego Azke. Striker Roberto Moreira (Motagua) rises and hits a header. Contains goalkeeper.

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27′: It can’t be! Lucas Baldoncel (Motagua) misses a clear chance to score with the help of Omar Alvear. The Argentine soccer player tried to finish off the aerial shot.

24′ Roberto Moreira missed it after a corner kick!

22′: Analyze! Motagua makes a criminal claim against Oligo.

21′: Fail! Albert Rusnak (Seattle Sounders) appeared in the area and fired wide.

17′: He missed it! Baldunciel helped Olego, who ended up with a skewed shot to the edge of the area.

12 & # 39; MLS team saved! After a corner kick, Marcelo Pereira found a loose ball in the penalty area and the star hit the crossbar. In a second shot, Omar Alvear appeared with a violent left foot, and his shot was contained in the defensive area.

08′ Off! Raul Ruídias shoots from a distance. Goalkeeper Marlon Lecona saves the shot. His first clear statement.

07′: Jonathan Nunez (Motagua) managed to break through the Seattle area with a deep pass. Visitor Defense controls without problems.

06´ Franco Olego (Motagua) gets special attention during a difficult clash in the ball fight.

03 Danger! Seattle attack with Jordan Morris. Defender Marcelo Pereira contains the play.

02´ work! The sentence is punished Foul by Marcelo Santos (Motagua) against Lodeiro (Seattle).

01´ Start the first half!

7:55 pm Motagua and Seattle Sounders take the field to preview them!

7:20 pm: Blatilla of Motagua performs his warm-up in the garden of the Olympic Stadium.

7:00 pm.: club lineups

Seattle Sounders: Stefan Fry, Xavier Arriaga, Christian Roldan, Raul Ruediaz, Nicolas Lodeiro, Albert Rusnak, Jordan Morris, Alexander Roldan, Clean Roe, Ymar Gomez, Obed Vargas.

Alternatives: Stephen Cleveland, Noho Tolo, Freddy Monteiro, Red Baker, Liu Chou, Jackson Raggan, Joe Haverty

6:40 pm: No fans! No fans were present at the Olympic Stadium to witness the match between Motagua and Seattle Sounders.

6: 20 m: The Seattle Sounders FC team led by coach Brian Schmitzer arrives at the Olympic giants for a match against Motagua.

motagua This Thursday receives S.Ettle Sounders FC of Major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States for the round of 16 of the league CONCACAF Champions, to It will take place at 8:00 pm in the stadium Metropolitan Olympic.