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More than a million Mexicans cancel their votes in protest

More than a million Mexicans cancel their votes in protest

Mexicans protest in the elections: “I will change my vote for my missing brother”

Thousands of Mexicans came out last Sunday to cast their votes in what they described as the largest elections in Mexican history, but More than 1.34 million people canceled their votes or filled the unregistered nomination box in the name of more than 114,600 missing persons in the country, in protest against the elections that took place on the second of last December.

According to data provided on Tuesday by the Preliminary Election Results Program (PREP) of the National Electoral Institute (INE), 95% of polling stations have been counted, 1.34 million people canceled their vote, or 2.3% of the electorate, while 85,689 individuals voted for an unregistered candidate, or 0.15%. Of those who went to the polls.

currently, The total number of invalid votes counted by PREP is greater than those obtained by the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD). Which collected 1.7 million votes, which is slightly higher than that recorded in the last presidential election of 2018 where there were just over 1.34 million votes.

Although Electoral College statistics do not determine the content of invalid votes or unregistered candidates chosen by voters, These results are a form of citizen protest And a sample of the echo he had Calling for groups to search for missing persons They did this days before the election.

Through the platform voicexdesaparecidos.wordpress.com and campaign on social networks with the label #VotaXUnDesaparecidx The groups have asked for the vote to be canceled and the names of many of the 114,620 people who have not been located Across the country in the section on nominations not registered on ballots, to highlight this problem.

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“If you have made the decision to cancel your vote in this 2024 federal election for the presidency because you believe that the choices of political parties do not represent a worthy choice, We invite you to join our campaign “Vote for the Missing”Dozens of groups have been announced.

The “Vote with Dignity” campaign displayed photos and names of missing persons on social media and on its websiteas well as a list of missing persons organized by region so voters can put their names on the ballot.

During Election Day Sunday, users on social networks showed off their ballots bearing hundreds of names of missing people or with legends like “I will change my vote for my missing brother” or “Until we find them” or “Looking for mothers is not a political campaign. Look for your children!”

Some voters pasted pictures of missing people on their ballots or marked them with phrases such as: “Free Gaza” or “Justice and Truth” or “Ayotzinapa 43”referring to the students who disappeared in September 2014.

According to the electoral college. A vote is considered invalid when voters do not clearly mark one of the boxes containing the candidate’s name. Or the party of your choice, and deposit it in the ballot box.
On the other hand, ballots containing the name of a person in the unregistered or independent nomination box are considered valid, according to the Mexican Electoral Authority.

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