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More than 40 projects were presented at the Alberta Science Fair.

More than 40 projects were presented at the Alberta Science Fair.

At the primary school No. 1 “Adriana Villa”, the opening ceremony of the Alberti District Science Fair was held, in which more than 40 works by students from different educational levels were displayed.

During the day, the evaluators will tour the stands to make returns and see which works will move on to the next edition. This year there are many works related to environmental care, with a focus on recycling and composting, as well as on the works of the architect Salamon, topics we have worked on from the municipal government and which have an impact on the students’ interests.

Mayor Germán Lago, accompanied by Government Secretaries Dr. Juan Palazzo, Planning and Public Works Engineer Bruno Scarselli, and Environment, Education and Territorial Integration Committee, Daniela Albizatti, attended the opening ceremony and toured the stands.

Also present was the Director of Education, Dr. Magdalena Cremonte, who was co-organizing this meeting promoted by the district headquarters and the school board.

“All this work shows the great commitment of all educational institutions,” said education director Magdalena Cremonte on Alberti’s Channel 5 news programme.

In turn, the mayor of Albertino, German Lago, emphasized that the work that comes out of this exhibition is reflected in the decrees. “I thank those who participated in the organization of this new exhibition and all the teachers and teams who worked on more than forty projects presented related to the care of the environment, for being more aware of the time of decision-making and the challenge. Finding jobs with these characteristics makes me very happy. “, highlighted the mayor of Albertino.

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“We are calling on people to come together. There is an approach from the whole family, from teachers of the entire educational community,” said the community leader.