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More than 3,000 professionals are enrolled in the Mais Médicos programme

More than 3,000 professionals are enrolled in the Mais Médicos programme

Mais Médicos do Brasil offers nearly six thousand vacancies for health professionals. In this sense, more than three thousand full-time Cubans are registered for this work sector.However, Cuban applicants will have to compete against more than 34,000 registered Brazilian professionals. It is correct to clarify that on this call South America has priority access because it is their country.

For this reason, the Brazilian government has tried to increase the representation of physicians from that country with various incentives. Examples include: salary add-ons and educational opportunities. This was reported by the EFE news agency.

In other words, 58% of those enrolled in the Mais Médicos program are professionals trained in Brazil. However, 42% of foreigners or Brazilians educated outside the country.

According to the data of the Ministry of Health of Brazil, among these 42%, 9.5% (3235) are professionals trained in Cuba. But ahead of Cubans, 4,294 Paraguayan professionals (13%) and 4,846 professionals who practiced in Bolivia (14%) were registered.

Controversies about Miss Medicus…

Specifically, this large percentage of foreign-trained physicians has been one of the most controversial points of the program.

For this reason, the Federal Council of Medicine was against the right granted by Mais Médicos to practice in Brazil. All this without showing the training and preparation of doctors.

Likewise, Brazilian right-wing politicians and media have already denounced some Cuba-related issues. The fact is that these groups claim that the state has allocated a majority percentage of the salary paid to doctors.

A clear example of a total opposition to this program was Jair Bolsonaro. The former Brazilian president had promised to review the way Cuban health professionals are employed in his country.

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Likewise, he required Caribbean doctors to re-verify address, and to work under the same working conditions as those assigned to other countries.

The result: Cuba withdrew its doctors from Brazil in November 2018. However, in 2020, Bolsonaro’s government rehired 2,350 Cuban doctors who had been working on the program and decided to stay in Brazil.