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More than 20 organizations are calling on the OAS to intervene to end the dictatorship in El Salvador

More than 20 organizations are calling on the OAS to intervene to end the dictatorship in El Salvador

They call on Secretary-General Louis Almacro to implement the US-US Charter of Democracy and to elevate the institutional crisis in Salvador to the highest level in the hemisphere.

Nearly three weeks after the ruling party plotted the independence of the judiciary and powers in El Salvador, a group of 24 civil society organizations called for the removal of Luis Almacro, secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS). El Salvador’s actions within its borders to return to the path of democracy.

In a letter to Almacro, the organizations hoped that, despite the intensity of the May 1 plot, “this situation could be further rectified and democratic order restored.”

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For this, they say, the action of the international community is necessary. For this reason, they call on the OAS Secretary of State to convene a permanent council of this hemispherical body to implement Article 20 of the US-Inter-Democratic Charter “due to its severe impact on the democratic order in El Salvador.

The article states, “If a change in the constitutional order occurs in an member country that severely affects its democratic order, any member state or Secretary-General may request an immediate meeting of the Standing Assembly to make a joint assessment. Situation. Accept the decisions that you deem appropriate. ”

In the case of El Salvador, the dismissal of judges of the Constitutional Chamber and the Attorney General, and the subsequent imposition of pro-ruling party lawyers in these positions, is a blow to the rule of law and the balance of powers. It was the delegates responding to the President with an illegal decree that removed the two companies that were supposed to be the limitations and restrictions on the continued abuse of management. The prosecutor’s office has investigated at least 12 scams in emergency procurement operations to deal with the Govt-19 epidemic.

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In addition, they call for the follow-up of a special OAS mission established in February of this year, thus “updating the situation diagnosis, taking into account the events of May 1 and their consequences.” If possible, they are asked to visit the country where meetings with various civil society actors are held.

Those organizations wrote in their letter, “El Salvador has lost many human lives to build, strengthen and develop democracy, so we cannot allow a passive approach to confronting the obvious danger that it will disappear.” Rights of Salvadorans.