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Monteverde announces the election of its spokesmen

Monteverde announces the election of its spokesmen

Members of the opposition Monteverde Initiative announced on July 8, through a press release, the election of their spokesmen “in a spirit of unity and concord”.

political dissidents and released prisoners Tamara Dávila, Felix Maradiaga, Juan Sebastian Chamorro and Medardo Mairena; The young Carmen Chamorro was also cast.

However, despite Za’im al-Fallahi appearing as his spokesman, on the morning of Sunday 9 July he confirmed that he had not accepted the post.

“I am sorry that my commitment has been misinterpreted. I make it clear that I did not accept the spokesperson for Monte Verde. I accept my commitment to the New Deal process where there is openness towards other organizations and proposals… Always bound by the will of the people to seek unity,” the commander said on his Twitter account. .

They maintain a commitment to the fight

According to the statement, the members endorsed their “commitment and struggle for democracy”. Felix Maradiaga said they promised to “continue to work tirelessly in the search for justice”.

Here is the statement from Monte Verde:

They remember the Karazu massacre

The opposition movement expressed its solidarity with the people of Nicaragua to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the so-called “clean-up operation” ordered by the Ortega regime in the province of Carazo, which left many dead, injured and arrested.

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“The members of Operation Monteverde expressed that they join the pain of our people by remembering these dramatic and painful events, expressed their unconditional solidarity with the people of Nicaragua, and endorsed their commitment to fight, with a common vision, for the realization of the freedom of our nation and the laying of the foundations for the true rule of law.”

What is Monteverde?

At the end of June, several dissidents in exile, including former presidential candidates released and exiled, reported that they were seeking to Organizing an opposition bloc To achieve unity and work for the return of democracy and the departure of the Ortega Murillo dictatorship from the country.