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Michelle Salas announces her engagement with romantic photos and Silvia Pasquel’s response

  • Silvia Pasquel responded to the commitment of Michel Salas and made it clear that she approves of her granddaughter’s fiancé.

Michel Salasdaughter Luis Miguel and Stephanie Salas, announced on his social networks his commitment to Danilo Diaz. The young woman shared her joy with some romantic black and white photos, where she was shown kissing her future husband.

In the pictures, the luxurious engagement ring of Michel Salaswho, a few months ago, was rumored to be already engaged to the businessman, however, to date, the information has not been confirmed.

With a letter in English that means “the beginning of eternity”. we”, Michel Salas She shared her happiness with her followers, who congratulated her on the news.

Michelle Salas announces her engagement to Danilo Diaz on Instagram.

Instagram: michellesalas

her grandmother Silvia Pasquel She was one of the first to respond to the photos with the message: “love them”He congratulated his granddaughter and Danilo Diaz, Camila Valero, actress and Michelle’s sisterleft a string of heart emojis in the pictures.

Silvia Pasquel responded to the engagement of Michel Salas.

Michel Salas and Danilo Diaz They started their relationship in 2016, but separated for a while, until life brought them back together and they are now about to walk down the aisle.

Although they rarely share photos together, they have been known to do so Danilo He’s Venezuelan and runs a high-end accessories company, from luxury cars to jewelry.

In the pictures you can see the luxurious engagement ring of Michel Salas.

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