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“It’s not going to be a shot, it’s going to be something really big.”

Dr..after that Shakira launched the controversial and successful “BZRP Music Sessions #53 With the Argentine product strangeAnd Gerrard Pique He again issued a controversial statement. But she was on the final transmission with Ibai Llanos when singer-songwriter Ozuna sang “Monotonía” to him. talk about the eventThird year evening“, in which Rosario Flores, Ozuna, Quevedo (who had a session with Bizarab), Maria Becerra participate; among others, Pique came up with a great idea.” That if one day a bizarb session is held with me I will not have a shot, It will be really bigwe are talking about a 5 liter or 10 liter bottle of strong lake, you understand, The shot looks small to meShakira ex said.

Ebay Janos could not contain himself before the statement of the former Barcelona player and replied: “It would be a pity to have Bizarrap session with youEbay told him. Everything seems to indicate that Gerard Pique wants to respond in the same way to the mother of his two children and also wants to give that response to the Argentinean Bizarab. Ebay continued the joke with Pique and told him: “Be careful with a song that I think will be played at the Metropolitan: It wasn’t your fault, and it wasn’t mine…Ebay Lanus said, while Ozuna laughed.

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