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Michel Salas, the most corrupt;  She is proud to have celebrated her thirty-fifth birthday surrounded by love and luxury

Michel Salas, the most corrupt; She is proud to have celebrated her thirty-fifth birthday surrounded by love and luxury

Love and luxuries were part of the birthday celebration Michelle Salas, who turned 35 on June 13. The beauty and fashion influencer shared photos of her celebration on her Instagram account, which continues until today, where she has not stopped receiving congratulations and love messages.

How old is Michelle Salas?

The daughter of Stephanie Salas and Luis Miguel also opened her heart when talking about her His thirty-fifth birthday Because he made it clear what the best gift is: time. “On this birthday, the best gift to me was time. It was time for me, to disconnect from the world and be present without haste. It was time to enjoy with my loved ones and create memories that I will always keep in my heart. “It is time to give thanks, to reflect, to feel, to be present Quite simply,” the famous woman wrote on her personal Instagram page.

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Michelle Salas has turned 35 years old. Photo: Michelle Salas’ Instagram.

How did Michelle Salas celebrate her birthday?

In addition to these words, Michelle Salas also thanked life for everything it has and receives. “On this birthday, I was reminded of the value of an intangible thing that many of us take for granted every day: time. Best weekend. Thank you life, I feel infinitely grateful. Thank you all for your expressions of affection and messages; “They mean the world to me.”

The daughter of Stephanie Salas and Luis Miguel celebrated from above. Photo: Michelle Salas’ Instagram.

The template post included a gallery of Pictures in which he revealed that he had a full birthday Love and luxuries. She celebrated from the sky because her birthday party started from the plane, where she took pictures with everything and the cake. She also went to dinner with her husband, Danilo Diaz. It seems that they first had a casual dinner and then an elegant dinner, as the Luis Miguel heiress wore an elegant, tight black dress.

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In addition to casual outings, Michelle Salas has also taken luxurious outings. Photo: Michelle Salas’ Instagram.

Michelle Salas is full of love and luxury on her 35th birthday

With the the pictures Even in a video clip, Michelle Salas also hinted that her husband gave her gifts from the Hermès brand, in addition to receiving more than one birthday cake. While abroad, he made a video call to his mother, with whom he celebrated and toasted from a distance.

Via Instagram. The model shared how she celebrated her birthday. Photo: Michelle Salas’ Instagram.

The content creator’s photos captivated her fans, who left her many messages, such as the following: “Congratulations and blessings on your life,” “Happy birthday, beautiful, all the best to you, we love you!” “Happy birthday and I wish you continued success.”