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Mexico: Why does Julio Gonzalez use a four-fingered glove?

Mexico: Why does Julio Gonzalez use a four-fingered glove?

The Mexican national team goalkeeper is preparing to make his debut in the Copa America with a special glove due to a medical problem

His wife told him that he already had hands like Mickey Mouse. Julio GonzalezGoalkeeper Mexican national teamHe uses a four-fingered glove in response to a “medical problem.” All so you don’t stop.

“He broke his finger, few people knew about it, at first it was not known. “Now it became public, at first it was discovered that it was a dislocation, I had an X-ray and I was dismissed,” recalls Alejandro Resendez, general director of the center. Elite SportGlove manufacturer in an interview with espn.

Julio GonzalezAccustomed to fighting under any circumstances, he broke his finger when he got a starting place in the team’s goal. Cougars. There was the option of surgery, but Guerrero, who is originally from Acapulco, decided to stick with the pain.

“We have some gloves, not high quality, but with ribs. He asked me for those gloves, to tie his fingers and support them, because that hurt him a lot. He didn’t want to stop, he was in a good moment and there was competition, and he held on. “There we offered him the design of a glove With four fingers, for three reasons, one to prevent him from using mid-range gloves, two to avoid using the bars and three to make you more comfortable,” recalls Alejandro Resendez.

Julio Gonzalez He was given the four-fingered gloves and before using them in an official match he tested them in training. He felt great, they helped him control his pain and he continues to use them even now, when he got his starting position at America’s Cup.

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“We started designing the glove, and he had a ball on his finger at the time, and he still keeps it. He’s literally playing with his finger tied, and he says it still hurts him, shots, shots that he just deflects, that leave his finger shaking, and that’s where it hurts.” , That’s why he continues to tie it up. He decided not to have surgery and I don’t know how long he will continue like this, now he is focusing on it America’s Cup“Until the next tournament starts, we have the product ready for the next tournament,” explains the tournament general manager Elite Sport.

“You have Mickey Mouse hands.”

wife Julio Gonzalez He tells her that her hands look like Mickey Mouse’s hands, and she wears four-fingered gloves. And everyone burst out laughing.

“His wife told him if he was going to play Mickey Mouse (laughs).” “Then the glove went viral, it was made in different colors, black with blue, white with black, memes and everything was made with the gloves,” Resendez mentions.

The company that makes gloves Julio Gonzalez He also received orders for the product, but the idea for marketing it was discarded “because it was not comfortable, something we did as a reaction to a medical problem.”