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Mexico vs. Brazil: Endrik excels with Tricolor effort

Mexico vs. Brazil: Endrik excels with Tricolor effort

The Mexican national team’s performance was weak and shadowy against Brazil, and they were less than two minutes away from achieving an equalizer, but 17-year-old Endrik broke the illusion.

At the time of replacement, Mexico It was light and shadow. in view of BrazilThe Tricolor celebrated a draw against one of the best teams in the world and ended in a 3-2 loss with a goal from the young man Indrik17 years old, was recently signed by Real Madrid.

Brazil It was fleeting. Before the tenth minute of each half, the Canarinas celebrated a goal. The score was made 1-0 by Andreas Pereira, at that time Mexico He still did not settle on the field and in Verdemarilla’s second attempt in front of Julio Gonzalez’s goal. Brazil led 2-0 at the start of the second half thanks to Martinelli.

Once again, Jaime Lozano’s team was a shadow. As against Uruguay, they had problems in defence, Edson Alvarez and Johan Vazquez did not mesh in the middle and defeat was expected again.

Lozano, unlike the game against the Celestials, was modified. Orbelin sent Pineda and Alexis Vega up the field, rather than avoid further goals BrazilAnd gold was found.

Vega, exiled from Chivas and with a good tournament from Toluca, began to create danger on both sides, first getting a foul, which ended in a corner kick, and minutes later, he provided the assist that Julian Quiñones converted into the second goal. -1.

Brazil He brought his best players. Paqueta and Vinicius W Indrikfootballers of European quality, used to intimidating their rivals.

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to Mexico They didn’t scare him. There was strength and courage, more than football, but it was enough to equalise. In stoppage time, with Santiago Jiménez on the bench and Guillermo Martinez in attack, Tricolor equalized with two goals.

The player known as Memoti headed a corner kick in stoppage time and replaced the rebound to tie the score at two goals.

The problem is Mexico He remained in the celebration in the 96th minute. Indrikthe 17-year-old boy signed by Real Madrid, headed the ball alone, without any marking, into the area, making it 3-2.

Mexico Saves prestige from before BrazilBut she still shows her weaknesses.