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'Mexico is not Venezuela': AMLO tells Leon Crouse in an interview with Jorge Ramos

‘Mexico is not Venezuela’: AMLO tells Leon Crouse in an interview with Jorge Ramos

Video: Government of Mexico

At his morning press conference, the President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, criticize the journalist, Leon CruzAnd the After his interview with his colleague,And the Jorge Ramos, which the president described as Biased, lacking objectivity and professionalism.

In addition, Krause criticized Because of the “disrespect” of Ramos After asking him the questions he sought, he said “Get the answers he wants”, And so on “He (Ramos) manipulated him or considered him a fool or a weakling.”

“I didn’t see an interview that Leon Crouse gave Jorge Ramos thinking that like Jorge he criticizes us too, thinking that if you ask him ‘Hello, is there a dictatorship in Mexico? Is Andrés Manuel an authoritarian? Is there no democracy? Is Mexico Venezuela? Is there populism? Are there not freedoms?'” Then I thought that all these questions are useful for young people who study journalism to learn What not to do when practicing the noble profession of journalism.

I mean, how can a journalist conduct an interview like that? Enthusiastic, lacking in objectivity, with a lack of professionalism, he seeks the answers he wants. disrespecting the interviewee and seeking to manipulate him or her as a fool or a Stupid. Let them see it. It seems that Jorge, even with the differences we have, what he told him was “Not Venezuela, Mexico. There is no dictatorship. Yes, there is democracy in Mexico.” But why would Leon Crouse do that? Not only because of lack of professionalism, but because of courage. They lose objectivity. They get confused.‘, was sentenced.

Photo: Presidency of Mexico

Similarly, the President emphasized that the interests Leon Cruz Expected in the interview is part of an attempt to defend his father, Enrique Krause, One of the fiercest critics of the current administration, which AMLO classifies as Defender of the neoliberal model.

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“So I understand your feelings. As every son defends a father, But those political differences that we have cannot blind us. And the differences we have with Enrique Krause is because he was an advocate of the neoliberal model that produced the crisis in Mexico and supported electoral fraud; It silenced the corruption that prevailed throughout neoliberalism. Now that he is no longer the Political Mentor, Krause and Aguilar Kamen are very upset.”

Later, Lopez Obrador checked the interview portion, and at the end he said with a laugh: So Cruz wanted Ramos to tell him I was a dictator.

This male arose as a result of his interrogation regarding allegations that Report for The New York Times I set off against the counselor, Marcelo Ebrard, due to the collapse of Metro Line 12. In response, Lopez Obrador Note that the investigation It’s not objective and “nothing else shows what’s right for them and what affects us.”

Photo: Reuters.
Photo: Reuters.

On June 13 Journalist Jorge Ramos noted, In an interview with Leon Cruz, That the President of Tabasco “must continue in power”, because he acted within the parameters of democracy.

When asked about the country’s future during an interview directed by Leon Krause, the caller said It does not realize the same dangers to democracy as in other countries. Let me be perfectly clear on this: Lopez Obrador is not Nicolas Maduro and not Hugo Chavez. Mexico is not VenezuelaHe said before adding that he intended to believe the president would not be re-elected in 2024, as he had promised.

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In addition, Ramos confirmed it “Lopez Obrador must continue in power until the last day” Because he was democratically elected in 2018. “You shall meet every day in those days,” he said, “but not another day.”

In this sense, the caller is in the United States Against those who believe that AMLO should leave power before the end of the six-year period. No. “I don’t agree with that,” he said.

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