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Mexican beer Modelo ends the era of Bud Lite in the US after a conservative anti-transgender campaign

Mexican beer Modelo ends the era of Bud Lite in the US after a conservative anti-transgender campaign

Mexican Modelo beer overtook American Bud Light as the best-selling beer in the US in May, following a campaign boycott in conservative circles over an ad featuring transgender character Dylan Mulvaney.

the beer Modelo Especial, brewed near Mexico City by US company Constellation Brands, managed to capture 8.4% of beer sales nationwide, compared to 7.3% for Bud Light, which has been the best-selling brand in the US for more than two decades. , according to an analysis by consulting firm Bump Williams of Nielsen data reported by the news network CNN and notes The Wall Street Journalamong other means.

Bud Light sales fell 24.4% in May while Modelo sales grew more than 12%.

Cases of Modelo beer on a store shelf in San Rafael, California on April 6, 2023.Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Constellation Brands vice president of marketing Greg Gallagher told CNN that Modelo has “been through a really long time” in recent years, thanks among other things to Hispanics.

In March, before the boycott began, Bud Light had accumulated 10% of national sales. Mulvaney posted a video on the social network TikTok showing a can with his face and the legend # slipper (Partner Bud Light). Conservative activists like singer Kid Rock reacted to posts that shot Bud Light cans and transphobic slurs.

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Two Bud Light marketing directors have resigned amid the controversy. Officials of the parent company, the American company Anheuser-Busch, distanced themselves from the campaign, and denied the existence of an official association, according to the site. Forbes.

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The news network reported that the boycott against Bud Light confronted Garth Brooks, a country music star, who defended his intention to sell all beers, including Bud Light, at a new bar in Nashville (Tennessee). NBC News.

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“We’re going to serve all kinds of beer. And we’re going to do it. We’re going to do just that,” Brooks said. Billboard Country Live. He added, “The way we see it is: If you come to this house, love each other. If you want to be stupid, there are plenty of other places on Lower Broadway you can go.”

The singer responded to the criticism he received on Monday in an online video in which he defended inclusion as one of his core values. Everyone has their opinions. But inclusion will always be a thing, Brooks stated, “I think diversity is the answer to the problems in the here and now and it’s the solution to the problems to come. So I like variety. All inclusive, so everyone is welcome. I understand that this may not be the opinion of others, but that’s okay.”