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Mexican actress Carmen Salinas in a coma after suffering a stroke |  Univision Latin America News

Mexican actress Carmen Salinas in a coma after suffering a stroke | Univision Latin America News

Relatives of the Mexican actress Picture of Carmen Salinas She stated that the actress’s health condition is sensitive and that she is in a coma after she was transferred at dawn to a hospital in the capital. Mexico City after suffering a stroke.

Carmelita, 82, was admitted at approximately 2:00 a.m. local time to the intensive treatment area of ​​the health center in the central district of Rome, the Mexican capital.

“currently My grandmother is in a coma With her organs working normally, that is, she makes them work,” her granddaughter Carmen Placencia told the press who was waiting for her outside the hospital. The diagnosis is a stroke in the stem segment We look forward to her daughter and her family members and see how she is progressing.”

It is equipped with assisted ventilationAccompanied by her cousin Gustavo Briones, Salinas’ assistant, Placencia added that with the ventilator, it’s the only part that is helped, the rest is working by itself.

Placencia commented that the actress’s diagnosis is sensitive and that they are waiting for her to progress. Your next health report will be submitted at 07:00 PM Mexico City (0:800 PM ET).

Earlier Thursday, Gustavo Briones, the actress’ nephew, said through a statement: “The Salinas family shares with them that the first actress, Mrs. Carmen Salinas, is going through a difficult health condition, so she remains in the intensive care unit where she is being treated by specialized doctors.”

The family commented that it was Wednesday, around 10:00 p.m., when “Carmelita” came home after working on a telenovela production “My Fortune Loves You,” had dinner, watched their telenovela, and later called them to tell them. He fainted.

Carmen Salinas, actress, producer and politician

Picture of Carmen Salinas Born in Torreon, Coahuila, on October 5, 1933 He participated in several films such as “La pulquería”, “Las cariñosas” and “Bellas de Noche”. Also in the legendary play “Aventurera”, for which she was also a producer.

For her performance in the comedy, she was given the nickname “La Corculata”. He has participated in such series as “Hug me tight”, “Until money do us part” and “Maria Mercedes”.

In 2015, she was elected as a legislator by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) to Congress Mexico.