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Meta Ray-Ban Wayfarer smart glasses are better than any VR headset or glasses

Meta Ray-Ban Wayfarer smart glasses are better than any VR headset or glasses

The smart features of the glasses aren’t immediately apparent, so I can just wear them and ride my bike to pick up my kids from school as usual. The only time anyone ever gave me a funny look for wearing it was when a friend waved to me by my house, and I stood there like a lump because I was listening to the latest episode of the show. Podcast Every single album While watering the garden.

Adrien Su

Right now, they’re my favorite pair of headphones for working out, because I only have to grab one accessory instead of two when I walk out the door. My poor ears are my head-coat; Now, instead of trying to attach headphones to my hat, hair, and sunglasses, I just need to wear them. As Matt Kamen pointed out in his analysis of Smart glasses From Meta, the small over-ear speakers have surprisingly good sound quality. They are high enough for running outside in the average city; He plays the mandolin inAtlantic City“by The Band sounds clear and bright.

It is also very convenient to receive and make calls and listen to text messages while running without having to take out your phone. I realize that many people want to disconnect while working out, but I stop what I’m doing if I get a call or text from my partner, kids, school, or parents. It’s not hard to imagine how much fun this would be if you could make video calls while walking. This is unlikely to happen to me, since my family doesn’t use WhatsApp or Messenger, but it’s not out of the question.

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Take a photo with the Meta Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Unlike most smart glasses I’ve tested with WIRED, it’s very easy to interact with. The controls are easy to remember and perfectly calibrated. Pressing the button to take a photo feels very natural. Tapping the glasses to pause or replay the sound or to adjust the volume always works. The touch of my hair or my hat doesn’t accidentally start or stop a song.

The camera works well too, and I like being able to quickly take a photo of anything I’m looking at. When I don’t have goals, I miss them. I’ve outsourced about 80% of my brain to my phone’s camera roll, and when I can’t capture a special moment, I really feel like I’m missing out, like the time I ran to a holiday musical. My daughter’s period and I was the only mother who did not register for it. But wearing smart glasses with a built-in camera alleviates this concern. Also, recording with Metas is much faster and less noticeable than pulling out the phone and holding it in the air. This ability to discreetly record the world around me made my husband nervous, too. “Shouldn’t you ask them?” I get asked every time someone accidentally walks in front of me while secretly taking a photo. Should?

Meta Ray-Ban Wayfarer’s AI factor

But the real breakthrough here is the inclusion of Meta’s voice-activated AI assistant. It’s silly, but true: What finally made AI seem useful to me was shrinking it down and holding it on my face.

As we watch the rise Tools Of artificial intelligence and Chat bots Almost clever, I’m still not clear on what exactly I’m supposed to do with all of them. I love using ChatGPT to figure out what to use for leftovers, but more often than not I’m pretty sure a quick Google search on my phone won’t answer. That all changed when I started using Metas. As soon as I put on my voice-controlled glasses, the world was filled with questions, and I wanted answers.

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How much does the house across the street cost? The AI ​​couldn’t tell me, but it did indicate that the sidewalk near my house needed to be repaved. I asked him to identify plants and cars, and he did a good job at both. Although perhaps contributing to this is the fact that in my neighborhood there are premium vehicles primarily of the Subaru Forester and Dodge Challenger type.