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Meeting with the authorities of the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences at Abu Dhabi University

This Tuesday’s meeting took place between ATE Entre Ríos, chaired by the Secretary-General, Oscar Montes, and authorities from the Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (FHAYCS), chaired by its Dean, Maria Gracia Benedetti.

The meeting was requested by the union due to the doubts that arose about the bill to create the Juan Laurentino Ortiz National University.

The parties agreed on the positive effects of the higher education hierarchy on our province, benefits that translate into entire generations who will be able to be part of this new institution. However, ATE noted that “for the nationalization process to take place in the best possible way, all the civil society actors involved must be a part of it”.

In this sense, the union has requested the creation of committees, as examples of dialogues/action, to be able to address, among other things: the review status of workers in the current FHAYCS system, social work and retirement contributions. Issues that concern all employees.

The college authorities have undertaken to evaluate it in their decision-making body and report the news to us. If the application is approved, they promised to start work as soon as possible.


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