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Conoce los encargados de vestir a los talentos que participarán en los Premios Soberano

Meet the people responsible for dressing the talent that will participate in the Sovereign Awards

After being canceled in 2020, the glamor and style show by the hottest celebrities returns يعود Dominican Republic. In addition to guest artists, the talents that are part of Sovereign Awards They shine in the clothes they wear during the party.

On social media, get a taste of what’s coming, Clarissa Molina and Caroline Aquino brimming with their majestic outfits, on Christmas Eve. Great night, Mrs. The local talent of both the presenters and the clothes they will wear will shine thanks to the Dominican creators.

A group of experienced stylists, stylists and make-up artists is responsible for developing and preparing the ‘total look’ of the artistic staff of the Dominican Prize, all coordinated by Selinée Méndez.

As the general production coordinator and fashion director, she confirmed that choosing clothes was somewhat difficult, given that the main line of what was in the mind of the general producer, Rene Brea. Also, consolidate the ideas of many fashion artists and above all explain how the talent would like to see itself in the award.

He assures that the style, color, and personality of each of the celebrities who will take to the stage in this version will overflow across all the tracks, especially the lead performers Caroline Aquino and Clarissa Molina.

Fashion experts were chosen by the proposals of 22 designers based on the requirements of Brea, who produced the event for the sixth time, taking into account only the musical genre. In the end 12 creators were chosen.

Mendez says the challenge this year has been even greater because of the pandemic and the protocols that must be followed. “It has been an even bigger challenge to work with this pandemic, many COVID tests for all employees per week, masks all the time, physical distancing and especially clothing should wear their masks.”

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As a result of this situation, the caller and the former Miss Dominican Republic understand that fashion is seen differently. Now keep in mind that people are striving to wear more elegant and colorful clothes, leaving luxuries aside, because it was a very difficult period for everyone.

These will be responsible for the talent shape:


Among the designers: Giannina Azar, Shop Hippolyto, Leonardo Fifth F. , Calpo Atelier, Carlos Nunez, Lionel Lerio, Harold Jimenez, Pride to Be, Jose Jean, Jorge David, Kether Estevez and Joel Reyes.

Designers: Socrates McKinney, Louis Minaur and Radhames Espirito, plus Jonathan Sanchez and Fidel Cabrera in attendance.

The makeup artist is responsible for Elis Mesa and Massiel Nina -Make Up Artist, along with other talents who will set their creations, while the hairstylist is directed by Lucy Perrone.

“We have prepared the rendition with a lot of love and a lot of humility. We hope our country can have it, we thank everyone who put their talent, every professional or those debuting at the Soberano Awards, for their work and dedication, because here we are all important, from the one who has a responsibility Paste a button with a button that embodies the design,” says the director.