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Meet the Cazzu family;  His sister is married to a woman

Meet the Cazzu family; His sister is married to a woman

when Christian is my contract The first photo was released with cazzu Hands were held together, and some did not know the identity of this singer of Argentine origin. In fact, the composer is also known for his urban songs. They even nicknamed her Boss trap On his Instagram account, he has nearly 16 million followers. But who is the family of the ex-girlfriend and mother of the Mexican regional actor’s first daughter?

julietta Emilia Casucchelli, The full name of this artist is Daughter Pedro Casuchelli And Mariana Kayrouz. He has an older sister named Florence. Although he does not belong to a family of artists, it is known that it was his father who became a musical influence through Argentine folklore; Then I started singing this genre in addition to cumbia and rock music.

For her part, Ms. Kayrouz’s story is not entirely known, because there are no photos of her and she has maintained a low profile, like her husband. Regarding Flor, as Kazuo affectionately calls her, she was also interested in music, and two years ago she made her debut as a DJ. It is known that their relationship is very close. There have even been videos circulating where it is seen how female He plays and lives with his aunt.


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It should be noted that the famous woman and her then-boyfriend Nodal were present at the wedding of Florencia, who married his girlfriend on February 11. Juliana. At an intimate event where the couple was accompanied by close friends and family, everyone wore white and beige outfits.

“I feel that everything I say will fall short of describing everything that happened, and above all, I will lack the life to thank the people who gave us this gift. Cazzu and Nodal we love you, thank you for always being so charming and beautiful. I hope everyone knows how beautiful the heart is Both of them are eternally grateful. “I love you, sister,” Fleur said on that occasion.

Cazzo and his sister Florence.

Florence Casucchelli on Instagram

After the separation, Cazzu was taken in by her family and is now enjoying life with her young daughter, Inti.

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