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Medicine, once again, is the most sought-after profession at the University of La Laguna.

Medicine, once again, is the most sought-after profession at the University of La Laguna.

Medicine, once again, is the most sought-after profession at the University of La Laguna.Maria Bisaka

The medical degree from the University of La Laguna is Most requested qualifications in the pre-registration process for the academic year 2024/25, According to data provided by the academic institution, 1,162 applications were received as first preference for a quota of 60 places.

Psychology is next in demand, Which collected 524 applications from students for 200 places in the first year. Masters in Elementary Education, Nursing and Law It is the next most popular in the regular call, which closed on 1 July, with 512, 509 and 360 applications as first preference qualifications, respectively. Other studies of interest to students and for which demand is still much higher than the number of places offered are the Masters in Early Childhood Education, Physical Activity and Sport Science, Computer Engineering, Biology and Pharmacy.

From a demand perspective from 2019 to the present, more or lessAll grades maintain constant interest. This is the case for the most sought-after degrees, such as health degrees and teaching degrees, for example. But in other countries, there have been fluctuations, such as tourism or design, where demand has decreased, compared to others that have increased, such as civil engineering or agricultural and rural engineering.


In total, the University of La Laguna received in this period: 7,336 pre-registration requestsOnce this process is complete, on Monday 8 July, individual consultation will be enabled and the claims period for the application status will open, which will end the following day. The first list of places allocated and the waiting list will be published on 12 July, so that those who have been granted a place in the required grade will be able to enrol from 12 July to 15 July.

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There will be a second prize list on the 19th, which will be opened. Register for any preference from that day, July 19th to July 22nd. The places that remain vacant from this entire process and that can be made available for the exceptional call (starting from Ebau in July) will be known on August 2. All the details of this procedure can be found in this connection.

Students who take the EBAU exam in July must join this process, which started precisely this Wednesday with a total of 1,152 registered people. For them it will be open Unusual pre-registration process Which will be open between August 27 and 30 and will distribute places that have not been occupied after this regular period.

thenProvisional results will be published online on July 12. Starting at 1:00 p.m., after a five-day claim period, final requests will be available on July 19. Students who wish to view their exams can request this on July 22, 23, 25, and 26.