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Medical professionals in the health sciences, a pillar of LOSU

Medical professionals in the health sciences, a pillar of LOSU

The government previously published it in the official state gazette University System Law (LOSU). Among the novelties affecting the health field, it includes a Amending the Public Health Lawwith a new section highlighting that the title of Health Sciences Specialist will be “the necessary” In the case of persons with a university degree in medicine, which is not previously specified in Article one hundred and five.

This will be necessary within the context of health care planning and teaching for public administrations, since the system of agreement between universities and health institutions may establish a link between some health care and public health functions in the health institution with any of the methods of university teachers. Moreover, committees should Evaluation of merits and academic and research history and those related to the work of assisting candidates, as determined by the regulation,” the law states.

Care benefits for medical teachers

LOSU also includes a file Methods of accreditation of university teaching staff that has already been advanced medical writing which include the new Prior approval from Aneca for the title of Doctor, which will value applicants’ merits and competencies to ensure “quality in the selection of formal faculty”. Sanitation workers must now meet a requirement to obtain the said accreditation to perform Teaching or research activities In universities or research centers other than the institution in which the doctoral thesis was submitted, according to criteria “determined by the regulation.”

next to, LOSU breaks down the entire accreditation process It also affects health workers and future teachers. It sets out a “qualitative and quantitative” assessment of the merits of teaching, research and, in the case of knowledge transfer, “with a wide range of Indicators of scientific significance and social impact“.
After that, an assessment is added “based on the specificity of the field or field of knowledge”, taking into account, among other criteria, Practical experienceespecially when dealing with, among others, regulated professions in the health field, local relevance, multilingualism, and open access to scientific data and publications.

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“Employees of university educational bodies who occupy a position related to the care and public health services of health institutions, in fields of knowledge of the nature of clinical care and public health, in accordance with the provisions of Article One Hundred and Five of the Law. Law No. 14/1986 of April 25 of Public Health is governed by the provisions of this article and the provisions of This statute is applicable. as one functionLosu concludes.

Party system between universities and health institutions

Regarding the system of concerts between universities and health institutions, LOSU insists that it agrees with the government on the proposal of those responsible for the Ministries of Universities and Health, after a report by the Council of Universities, Laying the general foundations of the concert system Between the universities of the Spanish university system and the health and health institutions, in which the university education must be taught, “in order to guarantee the practical teaching of the degrees in the health sciences that require it”. These rules will also include the participation of the Autonomous Communities in the concerts that are signed.

Although it may contain data, data or observations from health institutions or professionals, the information contained in Redacción Médica is edited and prepared by journalists. We recommend the reader to consult a health professional with any health-related questions.