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Massive blackout at Guantanamo

CubitaNOW write ~ Sunday, May 7, 2023

On Saturday afternoon, there was a major power outage in Guantanamo County.

The authorities stated that an alleged fault caused a power outage in the province, amid the demonstrations in Caimanera.

Electricity Company #Guantanamo Reports of general power outages affecting the entire province,” captures the message from local newspaper Venceremos.

“We inform you that a malfunction has occurred and all customers in the governorate have been affected. At this time, the circuits are gradually being restored. The causes are being investigated, and work is being done to resolve and completely restore electrical service as soon as possible,” they explained.

In a later post they said the electric service had already been restored.

In the report, they indicated that the power was cut off for more than an hour in the entire province, with the exception of Maisi and Baracoa.

“The technical management of the electric company informs us that after reconnecting with the SEN, the declared circuits remain inoperable according to the power outage schedule due to the generation deficit, which is currently 15 megawatts.”

They also determined that the fault occurred in the line that feeds the province, in the department of Santiago de Cuba.

Hundreds of Cubans took to the streets at sunset Saturday in the Guantanamo municipality of Caimanera, chanting “Freedom.”

After the massive show, users reported internet outages across the country.

They warn that “all contacts with Cuba have been lost”.

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