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Cubans listen to the full sound of “Que se vaya ya” amidst May Day celebrations

Cubans listen to the full sound of “Que se vaya ya” amidst May Day celebrations

CubitaNOW write ~ Saturday, May 6, 2023

Relatives of political prisoners celebrated the courage of a person who reproduced the musical theme “Que se vaya ya” at full volume, in San José de las Lajas on Friday when Labor Day was celebrated.

“In the Plaza de San Jose de las Lajas, Mayapec, they ‘celebrated’ the first day of May. Someone decided to send an absolutely subliminal message to #PresosDeCastro, and to my children the Perdomo brothers, who by chance can be heard in their house whatever is being put in the plaza Clearly “, they declared a video from the house from the Perdomo brothers where you can listen to all the music in the arena.

Brothers Jorge Martín Perdomo, 38, and Nadir Martín Perdomo, 37, were sentenced to six and eight years in prison for their participation in the July 11 protests that took place in the municipality of San José de las Lajas.

Political activist Marcel Valdés had previously denounced the fact that the young men were victims of the regime’s repression while they were awaiting trial in the Quivican prison in Mayapec province, where they had been held for months.

“The cases of physical and psychological torture were severe, to the point that they were kept in isolation for days, not knowing whether it was day or night, and food was thrown between the bars at the time decided by the regime. They were also beaten and forced to say Castro’s slogans that they always rejected, and the beatings took place in Often in the presence of each other so that they can see their brother’s suffering.”

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Since his imprisonment, the family has turned to denouncing the unfair imprisonment he suffers.

The nod of hearing that song in Mayabeque made relatives of Jorge and Nadir Martín Perdomo feel supported.

“Que se vaya” is a song by Cuban singer-songwriter Willy Chirino who last year released a version with Lenier, Misha, Chakal, Osmani Garcia and Miss Dayana.

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