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Maryland Hospital supports decision to transplant pig's heart to patient

Maryland Hospital supports decision to transplant pig’s heart to patient

A hospital Maryland He defends his decision to transfer a pig’s heart to a dying man, saying the patient’s criminal record is “based solely on his medical history.”

David Bennett, 57, is still recovering from the most experimental transplant surgery of the past week, which is a medical milestone and a step in the quest to one day reduce human organ deficiency by utilizing it from animals.

When the new heart works, it’s too early to tell how Bennett will function.

Washington Post Said Thursday Bennett was accused of stabbing a teenager 34 years ago with a machete. Bennett was released from prison in 1994 after serving six years of a 10-year sentence, the state Corrections Division told the newspaper.

In a statement released Thursday, the University of Maryland Medical Center said physicians are committed to providing the best possible care for all patients, regardless of their background.

“This patient was in great need of us and the decision on his replacement eligibility was made only on the basis of his medical history.”Hospital noted. “This patient made the extraordinary decision to undergo this amazing surgery not only to prolong his own life, but also for the future benefit of others.”

Son of Bennett David Jr., Released a separate statement in which he declined to discuss his father’s past, saying he hoped his father’s “desire” would “contribute to science and save patients’ lives in the future.”

Bennett was considered unfit for human heart transplant surgery because of his condition: he had heart failure and arrhythmia.