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Maryfer Centeno Analyzes Anahí On RBD’s Comeback: ‘Keep Your Head Down’

Maryfer Centeno Analyzes Anahí On RBD’s Comeback: ‘Keep Your Head Down’

Anahi maintains her essence and the gestures for which she is world famous, according to Mariver Centeno (Photo: TikTok)

This weekend, the world of Latin pop revolutionized with the first concert of the tour I Am Rebel 2023 Tourwith which the band RBD She returned to the stage to the delight of the thousands of fans who were waiting for her counting for 15 years.

One of the most successful bands of recent years, not only in Mexico, where it comes from, but also from different parts of Latin America, is back in 2023 with a series of concerts that started in the United States and will culminate in Estadio Azteca in Mexico City on December 21.

One of the costume changes at the start of the anticipated tour (Tw: @RBDFotosHQ)

Temporary return of the band consisting of I am herCristian Chavez, Dulce Maria, Christopher Aukermann and Matte Peroni have caused a stir since the news broke and tickets went on sale, selling massively in a matter of hours.

In addition, Poncho Herrera, the RBD member who decided not to join the project, sent a message to his former bandmates and expressed his happiness to see the group that made him famous at the beginning of this millennium return to the stage; For their part, the five members who make up the band showed great enthusiasm in their first ambitious concert a trip.

Anahi, Dolce and Maitie starred in a moment that was immortalized in a photo that’s clearly going to be iconic (Tw: @BiaHutche1)

it is Maryvere Raya graphologist who regularly analyzes the body language and handwriting of celebrities, scanned the celebrities’ faces I am herPerhaps the most famous member of RBD was when she was preparing to sing the song Save meone of the group’s greatest hits to come out of Pedro Damián’s telenovela Televisa.

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On her TikTok account, the graphologist brought back photos of RBD’s comeback concerts and analyzed the soap opera actress’s gestures as well. two houses And Angels without Heaven.

“Oh my God. Watch Anahi’s face full of emotion and gratitude. So grateful for that head downShe added, “She puts her hand over her mouth as if she does not believe what she is going through, and she cannot say everything she feels because there should not be words.”

The specialist explained that Anahi knew how to remain true to her core, and despite the fact that more than a decade has passed since the project, which has achieved such great success as Just stay calm And a little of your love And it’s over, as the wife of politician Manuel Velasco maintains her charm.

The graphologist gave her opinion regarding the RBD vowel

“Raise your hand triumphantly and see how the face looks so excited. The face is so grateful. What is that? It’s a little hug, when you put your hand, for example, on the neck, when you bring it close to the midsection, what you’ll see is a big emotion and it’s a little hug in body language .

“We see how the gestures that we saw when we met her were preserved, look how interesting it is, Johar Anahi of course remains like everyone else, but she respected him, took care of him and developed, but she kept her naturalness and this emotion when singing,” the specialist highlighted.

The band will be closing the “Soy Rebelde Tour 2023” at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City (Photo: @alex1ero).

The 40-year-old singer’s gesture indicates pride in her career and shows her appreciation for the support of her fans, which remains as strong as it has been for years.

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Excited, high, thankful. What we’re seeing now is Anahi who knows her fans out there admire her, and who knows she’s in a state of great perfection. “All the times we sang it with a broken heart.” Her stance is noticeable, erect, proud of who she is and what she has achieved. “I am Mariver Centeno and she is my great ego,” concluded the famous graphologist.