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Marjorie D'Souza turns up the heat in the perfect beach bikini |  video

Marjorie D’Souza turns up the heat in the perfect beach bikini | video

Venezuelan model Marjorie de SouzaThe 42-year-old radiated in a video she posted on her Instagram account, which she released on Saturday.

Model, Actress and Motherwith a hunting hat and huge dark glasses and a sexy bikini Reveals the exceptional shape that the beautiful model maintains.

Marjorie also shared her smile which her followers loved since she was a model and later in her career which gave her significant roles in the world of TV series both in Mexico and other parts of the continent.

Products like Wild Cat, Mariana Lil, Rebecca, Purchased Love and True LoveThey counted on this woman’s talent and charm, in the same way that she stood out in dance during her stay on the reality show Mira Queen Payla where she finished third.

Seduce your fans

In the video shared on Saturday afternoon, Marjorie She plays with her hat, while a sapphire blue bikini is appreciated, with prints, dark glasses, and a personality that she doesn’t give up, because of her beauty.

On her profile, the video quickly went viral and got hundreds of comments and reactions to the photo presented by the Venezuelan, beautiful, kind and above all very attentive from her followers.

His last project Marjorie He left his mark and was in the success of the telenovela Heartless, along with Livia BrittoThe series was a hit on Spanish-language television.

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