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Ángela Aguilar cuts her hair and surprises by changing her appearance |  Pictures

Ángela Aguilar cuts her hair and surprises by changing her appearance | Pictures

Angela Aguilar Become one of the youngest actors Regional Mexican Thanks to his talent on stage and gravity He shows up whenever he gets the chance.

Youngest daughter of Baby Aguilar It is also a reference to fashionthen with either Mexican Dresses Or in casual clothes, the young singer attracted attention to good taste What does he have when wearing clothes?

A very distinctive feature of the translatorIn fact“It’s court Poetrywhich she’s used since she was very young, but recently she’s done it they change.

Angela Aguilar was encouraged to change up her appearance. | Photo: Instagram

through their stories Instagramsmaller Aguilar dynasty He shared some pictures of his new look that the singer preferred.

Translator “Shankala“I decided to get margin Which partially covers her eyes, as well as slightly modifying the shape of her hair, has now opted for an asymmetrical cut to give her style variety.

The singer shared her new story on Instagram. | Photo: Instagram

Although she has always preferred short hair, she is a cousin Magu Aguilar He surprised his fans with other looks, like last year when he dared to dress up Accessories And he was very filled with his followers.

Similarly, the youth Prepare From the Mexican regional has also been encouraged paint His hair is a completely different color than the dark brown he’s always been seen with, like green turquoise used during the first year of the pandemic and Pink that charmed his fans.

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