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Mariela Castro calls for “more radical” measures against imperialism

Mariela Castro calls for “more radical” measures against imperialism

Director of the National Center for Sexual Education (CENESEX) and representative of the Cuban regime, Mariela Castro EspinHe called for “more radical” measures against imperialism, referring to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“It is no longer possible to confront imperialism with stones, words, or diplomatic means,” the daughter of former Cuban ruler Raul Castro said during her participation in a discussion on this topic held on Monday at the Varuna Amphitheater at the University of Havana.

“I am not speaking on behalf of the Cuban government. I am speaking out of my personal feeling as a citizen of the world. I believe that in such situations we must exert sharper and more radical pressure, and the Palestinian people are resisting.” Castro Espin confirmed…

The meeting, organized by the regime in support of Palestine, included representatives of Cuban political organizations and representatives of that country’s embassy to condemn the recent Israeli bombing of the territory, following the Hamas attack on Israeli territory at the beginning of October.

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Jamil Al-Abd, resident pediatrician at Juan Manuel Márquez Hospital, and Dr. Issam Al-Khawaja, a pediatric neurologist who graduated in Cuba and Deputy Secretary-General of the Jordanian Popular Democratic Unity Party, participated in the exchange.

Likewise, Aleida Guevara, daughter of Che Guevara, said, “I shoot well, I have good aim, and I have military training,” after she was offered to go “to defend Palestine.”

However, many Cubans responded to spokespersons and representatives of the Havana regime: “The Cuban dictatorship can no longer be confronted with stones, nor with words, nor with diplomatic means. Strong measures are needed to crush the murderous tyranny that continues the massacres and killings.” The enslavement of the Cuban people!” said one X user, as her comments were posted.

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Another commented: “This witch says she doesn’t speak for the Cuban government, but it turns out they, the Castro family, are the Cuban government.”

Cuban asked, in a more joking tone, what the two officials would face with Israel: “What will you confront them with? With forty pounds?”

The Cuban regime launched several events in Support the Palestinian cause In the past weeks.

A few days ago, the show prepared by Gerardo Hernandez Nordillo was unveiled with a handful of CDR members and DC children, who accompanied with signal flags and cell phone lights the song “Somos Philippines” by Puerto Rican Dani Rivera, which echoed in the speakers of your CDR .