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The red and yellow alert has been extended for another 24 hours in Honduras

The red and yellow alert has been extended for another 24 hours in Honduras

San Pedro Sula

The Islas de la Bahía, Cortés, Santa Barbara and Copan sections will continue for 24 hours below red alertThat day came before National Risk and Emergency Management Secretariat (Kopiko).

Meanwhile, the rest of the country will continue in the shadows Yellow alert. The rain continues to cause damage and thousands of people are affected.

The warning will be in effect from five o’clock on Tuesday afternoon. In addition to the municipalities of El Progreso, Santa Rita and El Negrito in the province of Yoro; To Ramal del Tigre in Tela, Atlantida, stay red alert. The floods Ulua and Chamelikon rivers They keep increasing.

Next Monday afternoon, November 13, 2023, a hurricane could form on the coast of Honduras.

This was confirmed by the Center for Atmospheric, Oceanographic and Seismic Studies (Cenaos) to the newspaper Diario LA PRENSA.

“It is a system that could turn into a tropical storm and then a hurricane,” he explained. Walter Aguilar, Sinai expert.

He added that it will not be until next Monday afternoon that this phenomenon turns into a hurricane.

“We are monitoring the hurricane, but we cannot know how big it is because it was not even blown by the wind,” Aguilar said.

This phenomenon is gaining strength north Cabo de Gracias Dios.

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