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Lawyer Annaya: "The husband does not speak to the woman first, then yells at her, hits her, and then kills her. This also happens with democracies."

Lawyer Annaya: “The husband does not speak to the woman first, then yells at her, hits her, and then kills her. This also happens with democracies.”

The lawyer was notified by the High Court of Justice that he would face a punitive process, the launch of which was to denounce the Assembly’s irregularity in the re-election of the current president of the Constitutional Chamber.

The analogy with the system of “manhood” rooted in El Salvador and in the face of the high rate of femicide; Constitutional lawyer Enrique Anaya deciphered what happens when an “authoritarian” regime kills a country’s democracy.

“This is the authoritarian evidence, as in our patriarchal, patriarchal society, the husband first does not speak to the woman, then yells at her, then insults her, then beats her and then kills her, and this is what happens with democracies, like these dying, and dismantling them,” Anaya said at a press conference. From the inside we have to fight that.

Anaya responded to the process of sanctions notified by the High Court of Justice that it had proceeded against her, as a result of the appeal process it carried out in November 2020 against two former judges of the Constitutional Chamber, the same assembly ended up dismissing them. illegally.

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He stressed that they did not find what they attribute to him in order to spoil his career as a lawyer and silence him due to the constant criticism directed by Anaya against the government’s decisions, especially the Supreme Court of Justice, which is now in its hands. the ruling party as well as the council; They were tough with him after publishing an editorial questioning the illegal transfer of incumbent judge imposed by Representatives Oscar Lopez Jerez from the Civil Chamber to the Constitutional Chamber.

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“What this article did today (Wednesday) is the bomber, the decision is dated June 5th, although they have been telling me since the beginning of June that this is coming, the higher they (the officials) are, so it’s a delicacy, petal style Venus,” said Anaya.

But he stressed that even the intimidation that his person is subjected to because of the possibility of depriving him of practicing the legal profession for a period ranging from 3 to 7 years will not prevent him, “they will not silence us,” he said.

Anaya explained that she has 10 days to respond to the decision of the Professional Investigation Department, which opened the file of “professional misconduct, gross negligence, bad faith and inability to practice the law,” and then another process of evidence and allegations will come. The final stage that ends in Kurt Plina.

But knowing that in this case only 8 votes are needed to disqualify him, and knowing that there are at least 10 full court judges “under the control of the executive branch,” the door is open for him to sanction him, he lamented.

At the press conference, he was supported by lawyers Xenia Hernández, Executive Director of the Foundation for Democracy, Transparency and Justice (DTJ); Jose Marinero, President of DTJ; and Eduardo Escobar, Director of Acción Ciudadana.

“They are not just messing with Enrique, they are messing with all citizens, tomorrow it will be health workers, teachers and bus unions, they are messing with all citizens,” warned Eduardo Escobar, director of Citizen Action.

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Hernandez noted that since the pandemic, it has been seen how those who think differently from government are being attacked by the government and sought to be silenced.

“Now it was Enrique, but we know they were different people for months, we already know cases of teachers who reported bad conditions in schools, and within the epidemic they sent notes to doctors who reported wrongdoing, it could be exacerbating, every week there are new cases of Attacks on freedom of expression, and they cover freedom of the press, the right to access information, and every time they are restricted, they can get worse, and there is more police persecution of different people who report these infractions,” Hernandez argued.

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The Director of the Human Rights Institute of the University of Central Asia, Father Jose Maria Tujera, also expressed his solidarity with Anaya by posting a message on his Twitter account.

Now laughing at the supposed Chief Justice is a crime for lawyers. We who are not lawyers should laugh. Especially when he regrets being asked about his relations with Luis Martinez (former attorney general). Solidarity with lawyer Anaya,” he posted on his Twitter account.