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Maria Corina Machado asks UN to monitor Venezuela’s electoral process: ‘Repression intensifies as support for González Urrutia grows’

Maria Corina Machado asks UN to monitor Venezuela’s electoral process: ‘Repression intensifies as support for González Urrutia grows’

Maria Corina Machado’s speech to the United Nations

Venezuelan opposition leader Maria Corina Machado Asked this Thursday United Nations Human Rights Council (United Nations) that Don’t give up on the pressure. About the system Nicolas Maduro And “Be alertFor the electoral process with the aim of holding elections on July 28.

Through a video clip of the owner Sell ​​Venezuela She expressed her appreciation for the update of the High Commissioner’s report. Volker Turk On the situation in the Caribbean nation, which was presented on Wednesday in Geneva.

Machado began his speech by saying: “We thank the Office of the High Commissioner for this report and we hope for the speedy return of your office to Venezuela.”

He continued: “With less than a month left until the presidential elections in Venezuela, the repression, persecution, enforced disappearances and arbitrary arrest of national and regional political leaders and direct members of the candidate’s campaign team continue.” Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia, It has been exacerbated by the growing public support for Venezuelans.

Maria Corina Machado with presidential candidate Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia at an event (Reuters/Leonardo Fernandez Viloria)

Then he detailed it. There are already 31 Venezuelans in prison and six under diplomatic asylum at the Argentine embassy in Caracas.without being given appropriate safe behavior.

They also increased Mechanisms of intimidation “The campaign: power outages, gasoline supplies being suspended, businesses being closed for people who support us on our tours, like a small empanada restaurant that was closed just because it sold us breakfast, or a bus driver whose license was confiscated for taking followers to a meeting with me,” he said.

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But he pointed out: “Despite this, and despite gross violation of the right to vote Millions of Venezuelans abroad, who were not allowed to participate, We are determined to overcome our democracy through electoral means.

“I ask the members of this Council and the international community to do so. keep pressure For the sake of loyalty Barbados Agreement And The necessary guarantees are provided. For a free, fair and verifiable process, with international monitoring. stay awake till the end“He finished.”

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk (EFE/EPA/MARTIAL TREZZINI)

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker TurkThis Wednesday, he presented in Geneva a Update your report About the situation in VenezuelaWithin the framework of the 56th session of the Human Rights Council, he denounced Increase in arrests And the Harassment of opponents Ahead of the presidential election on July 28.

“The presidential elections scheduled for July 28 represent a fundamental opportunity to respect the will of the people. I regret that the restriction of civil space is growing.. The opposite is required.The Turks began.

“Despite the growth in GDP, Venezuelans face problems accessing food and health.There is a shortage of medical and nursing staff. Protests for a living wage multiply In the country and the economic crisis affects retired و“I urge the authorities to address these concerns,” he asked.

Then he pointed to that Noted the release of two trade union leaders But he warned that some versions of “It is conditional.“And he repeated, – Demand the release of all political detainees..

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“I am concerned by reports of intimidation and ill-treatment of prisoners.People are still accused. Terrorism charges which do not comply with human rights standards. My office is following up on reports of arrests as the elections approach. These practices must be reversed.“, note.

He continued:Harassment and intimidation against journalists continues to increase. and censorship of the media. I demand that there be a transparent electoral process and that the Barbados agreements be implemented. He added: “I encourage all those in power to make concrete commitments before the elections.”