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Maria Corina Machado and Edmundo Gonzalez led a massive event in Barinas three weeks before the elections in Venezuela.

Maria Corina Machado and Edmundo Gonzalez led a massive event in Barinas three weeks before the elections in Venezuela.

A large crowd welcomed Maria Corina Machado and Edmundo González Urrutia in Barinas, three weeks before the elections (X: @AlbertoRodNews; @ReporteYa)

Maria Corina Machado And Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia They continue their tours. VenezuelaBut now with the focus on consolidating almost all the support that has been received in recent months Three weeks before the presidential electionAnd so, this Saturday, anti-Chavistas traveled to the city of Barinas He was received by Huge crowd Of the Venezuelans who took to the streets to accompany them and express their hope for change in the country.

Pictures circulating on social media showed neighbors screaming and agitated as they took complete control of the main roads, carrying balloons and banners with messages such as: “I don’t want to leave Venezuela”, “Maduro go away” And “No one can stop a people who have awakened to the hunger for freedom.”Others even went to the local airport to receive González Urrutia, in what was known as A stronghold of Chavismo for more than two decadesUntil the opposition won the governorship in the 2021 elections.

Hundreds of neighbors gathered across Barinas to welcome the politicians (X: @unidadvenezuela)

During the event, the candidate and main rival to Nicolás Maduro insisted on the importance of working together for the cause in the upcoming elections and thanked people for their commitment to participate, either as observers at the event or by voting in the primary elections last October.

“that day, These heroic and idealistic people overcame all obstacles and made sure that their will, expressed through voting, was respected.“I understood,” the former diplomat insisted. “I made it understandable.” “If we are united and do things well, we can achieve the change we Venezuelans desire.”.

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“United we are invincible, and the righteous are more numerous.”He added to the crowd and concluded his speech by endorsing his commitment, “with the support of all of you, to fight from day one to end this situation, which is the product of indifference and corruption.”

Urrutia stressed that “united we are invincible and the righteous are more numerous” (X: @CaracasChron)

For her part, the leader of the Vente Venezuela party, which was excluded from the election competition on the orders of the Chavista regime, thanked all those present for their participation, and highlighted the key role they play in the country’s democratic return.

“Today we see how Barinas is overflowing from end to end, there is no room for a soul here. We know what is happening in Venezuela. We are only 22 days away from the big day of our lives. “We have spent 25 years preparing for this moment, 25 years of great loss.”Hoot.

He also stressed that with the strength and unity they have shown in recent months, “We have already defeated this tyranny… We have defeated them in the streets, we have defeated them in the hearts, and now, we need to endorse this victory in the streets, through votes, on July 28.”He concluded: “They thought they would break us, but we are ready to defend our votes.”

Machado thanked the people for their support and stressed that “we have already defeated this tyranny” (EFE).

The electoral campaign in Venezuela officially began last Wednesday and will continue until July 25, three days before the scheduled date for the elections. Throughout this period, González Urrutia, Nicolás Maduro and the other eight candidates will lead various activities with their followers, and they are already in the final stage of the process.

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According to the regulations published by the ruling National Electoral Council, everyone must obtain it. Media space in a “balanced” way. In terms of time and place,” which includes covering “their election campaign activities in an objective, balanced and neutral manner, and giving everyone space.”

On the other hand, it was approved. “spread propaganda” Whether on public and private television and radio, as well as the participation of politicians in it Interviews and opinion programmesDespite the regime’s history of repression and censorship, compliance with these regulations is considered unlikely.